Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

Warrior Princess

She isn't a princess waiting to be rescued
She is queen who can carry her crown
And your hasty judgements
With equal grace...

Neither sugar and spice
Nor everything nice
She's got fire and fury
Little sparkle and many lilies
In equal measure...

She can't be tamed
Caged or confined
She got her wings
For she's born to fly...

Muse for the verse - Simi Sathyan. A friend. A survivor. A fighter.

To a certain Anonymous sender of books.

I have been away from here. And been very much uninterested in carrying on the habit of pouring out things going inside my head, in words.
But recently I went back and read a few things on my blog and most importantly the comments. Some comments that I read for the first time in 2 years.

First of all, for the back story, in 2015 I used to receive some books by an anonymous sender at my home, from Amazon. It was confusing.

Since sometimes authors on Goodreads keep sending ARC books for review to bloggers, I initially thought they were a part of that giveaway. But later, when I confirmed it on Goodreads, they weren't from them.
I even contacted Amazon to know about the sender's details, but it too was a dead end.
And after 2-3 of them, books stopped coming. And, so I stopped thinking about it too.

And today after 2 years. I read these comments on two old-forgotten posts of mine.

First comment was on the post The Silent Killer and the second one on A book review.

I have never done this before but I am guilty of being utterly curious here. So, If the person who posted these comments and/or sent me those books is reading this. Please let me know.

My personal email ID is deepika.vasudeva@gmail.com
Or you can ping me on my phone. You already have my phone number (I know, since I used to receive text messages from amazon before every delivery)

It's been 2 years. I would understand if you wouldn't want me to know your identity now. But I plead you to. Closures are important. I don't want to die in suspense. Please :)


P.S.- Those books are nice. Thank you. 

Hell inside my head

Don't tell me it is nothing 
For I know better 
I am going through it

My demons are mine
I'll tackle them in my own time 
You don't need to worry 

Stay put, keep distance 
I have history of hurting friends 
I need space to sort 

The hell is in my head
Devil lives within
Hush! He hates noise

Let him devour my soul 
Tear me apart in pieces 
I'll be back soon 

But first I need to die
Succumb to my pain 
Bleed under his torment 

And when his anger subsides
I'll be reborn, from my own ashes
Ready for another hell
Another devil, another torture
But stronger than before...

Beautiful Imperfections

Perfection doesn't attract me...

Scars, Broken pottery 
Dimmer star next to the brightest one in sky
Clumsiness, broken stones
Asymmetrical shells... 

There's an untold story everywhere 
I am attracted to the untold, unknown.