Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#26 Have you ever been in true love?

Have you ever been in true love?
Love that ignites the fire within and causes pain..
In which you perish, you burn, 
But still keep holding on the flame..
Love that kills your insides and makes you hollow..
That... is love that makes you cry and smile at same time..

#25 It has always been him

It has always been him
The one who holds her heart

He lays there in oblivion, feeling unloved
And here she weeps in her sleep
Sands of time, falling since eternity

Awaiting the innocent moment of confession
Lying under the stars on sleepless nights
Wondering, staring at the criss-cross
Across her palms, where would they lead?
Years had flown since she waited at the bay
Sighs in surrender and dreams away

Beneath the layers of shyness and hesitation
Expression of unrequited lay buried in depths
Extinguished flames of hope pushed aside
Nests still, the warmth of his eyes

Years apart couldn't fade the passion
Over and inside, it empowers
Unstirred, always.. only time has ashened

Affixed on her heart was his name, engraved
Nights alone passed in dreams, enslaved
Kept safe the memories so tender
It has always been him
The one who holds her heart..


#24 The Weird Wordsmith

He came from the mysterious town,
Disguised in human form, he moved around
Playing the violin that poured 'weird' words
And so, they called him 'The Weird Wordsmith'

Tunes he played, mesmerized the folks
Everyone swayed in his musical air
She sat in corner watched him play
Collected the 'weird' words that fell in her way
They said 'ruht', 'vole', 'nogay', 'ergert'
"Weird!" she said and moved ahead..

He went round and round giving smiles
Caught her arm when she turned to evade
His deep blue eyes took her by surprise
'Hurt', 'love', 'agony' and 'regret'
Those jumbled 'weird' words flashed ahead
Loud and clear, his eyes betrayed his pledge
For once his fake smile didn't reach his eyes
She read his story in that knot of time

Wordsmith was lonely and miserable
But his pride kept his ground stable
He needed someone alike him in his life
Who could fill his day with real smiles

He had walked a million miles 
Playing his violin, wearing the smile
In search of the one
Who would hear the silent cry

She held his hand and walked ahead
Locking their fingers, he fell in her step
They walked a mile together in easy silence
Another mile took her words to be said

Miles away he could understand her silence
Years later his tunes were heard echoing from a distance
She still collected those weird words, walking a step behind
but now reading the hidden within the written, with a real smile..

A/N- Credits for the title and there
of inspiration goes to a certain weird wordsmith.

Edit(04/10/2014): If I knew this was going to be the start of a downward spiral of life.. Things would have been a lot different. Maybe!

Edit ( 7 Nov, 2017): Things happen as they are meant to be.

#23 Waiting..

Withering yellows yell of the glorious greens they lived through
Springing from the tiny bud, they too had a hard life
Trying to take away all the refuse we let out
Choking on suffocating toxins every hour                 

Trodden roads cry of the destiny being trampled beneath each foot

Furrowed lanes yelp under the cruelty of the plough tearing on its breast

Every eye tells a different story,
Weeps for different crisis,
Carve a different cure
But needs just one thing..

Someone to make hard life a little less painful.. or maybe worthwhile.