Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#22 Falling rails

She watched her glory withering away in heats of autumn
Lines of destiny melted from palm and scattered in puddles with rains

The crimson that raced through her veins
lays spilled across the room, everywhere

Twin crimson oozed out of cracks in walls
As life ran away, abandoning her in mid-way

Time was all he asked for to reciprocate
Time stood in between unrequited barrens and incognito bliss

Whilst the grains of time slipped in heaps
Breaths became shallower, heavier to take

And the world twirled as vortex
The load on her throat told her of the final moments

He says he needs time to requite
He says he has been hurt, time is all he needs

Time was all she was hurting for
Stillness of her now cold eyes

Of stifled breaths and loose ends
Void of subdued heart-beats

Recited of the lull she fell in
Serenity of silence followed the curse

Wrapped in warmth of oblivion
She traveled into another dimension of time

Far from gloom of mortality and mysteries of life...

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#21 Love's heavenly bliss

In your arms i would rather lie... Encased in them i want to die..

With her eyes shut,
Head laid on his shoulder,
She smiled listening to his heartbeat,
Yes, it rhymed with her owns
Together they played tender melody
Her fingers strayed lazily
Etching doodle upon his arm
His hand brushed across her nape,
Undoing the ultimate knots
Of discomfort, slipping her in daze
Calming the racing heart
They lay in heavenly bliss

Carry me in you my love
Crush the distances trapped within
Let me inhale you in my breath
That's where you should be
Take me away afar,
Hide me beneath your skin
Hold me, mould me in cage of arms
Let me devour your warmth
Encased in those eyes
Lays the world I want to be in
With you... together forever…

#20 Deafening silence

Time has taken away the silent whimpers
Nagging presence of constant whispers

Deafening silence growling since forever
Fear and laughter existing together

Of shrieking sighs and suppressed cries
Silence is all in those mourning eyes

Silence is all, which floats to and fro
Mystifying reality of merciless truths

Expression out loud is a forgotten history
Fake smiles clutching unsolved mystery

Thousand words stuck in throat, helpless
Denying to betray their beastly mistress

Silence is artful,
If conceived it rhymes
If brushed off its nothing,
If penetrated can kill
Silence is pure
Silence is bliss

Speech of incoherent
Sanity of the fool
Bravery of the coward
Silence is nothing
Silence is all

Silence is all being heard
Silence is all being felt
Wish there was a place where
Silence could be attained, understood and said...

#19 Dreams of glory

Little boy, in deep slumber
With his head in mother's lap
Knows nothing of the warm stares
His mother's eyes emanate

Deep in slumber
He dreams of the glory
He learnt- life is joy
Friends are religion
Chocolates are devotion
Soon woke up and gathered
He learnt- life is service
Parents are deity
Hard work is reverence

Little boy, in deep slumber
With his head on father's shoulder
Unaware of the dreams
His father's eyes weave

He works, he moves
Toys left far behind
He walks the path alone
Aiming the bigger
Following the pursuit
Forfeiting the joys
He walked, he earned
He learnt- service is joy

Slumber broke long before
Achieving the goal
He proved the proficiency
His father now proud
Mother's eyes emit glee

Life is service
And service is joy
Parents are deity
Dedication is the code
He learnt and behold

#18 The mask

Let me be hidden beneath this veil
Let this long dark silence prevail
I was inefficient, coward and fool
Should have chosen silence over falsehood

The mask empowered me with strength
Bold, loud, unafraid, here I stand
Let me convey what never was said
Away from world, here I bled

I must say what’s held within
I might lose the courage later
I resemble magnum opus of flaws
Withheld in my own deed’s claws

For all the imperfections beheld in me
There ain’t a thing thou haven’t seen

I had slit their wings, tied their feet
Caged in layers, drowned deep somewhere
The dreams were cruel and insane
You and me together, few wishes in vain

I don’t need a constant reassurance for you to be mine
I don’t need another life of little more time
All I need is you to stay at a distance
For I can see you, admire you, making memories of the stance

A/N- This isn't a random verse. But related to a girl, referring to the incident mentioned in the story 'Maybe'.

The 'romantic' car

This one is sketched by my 10 years old Brother :)
“You know what you are a psycho... and crazy and idiot and... whatever. You understand what I mean?” Anamika stood there screaming her lungs out on me as I lay on bed unperturbed, ever so cool. Yeah I understand what she ‘means’. “I don’t understand you sometimes. One moment you are this sad like you will just run till the lake bare foot and jump! ... and sometimes- alike now, you behave so stupid, like those dreamy eyed, senseless people who know nothing except that mushy, cheesy fairytale romances!” she continued.

“Would you like to have hot chocolate?” I asked. “Wait let me first put on some music” since you’re going to continue lecture for quite sometime now.

“You think it’s a joke right? This all stupidity is normal for you.” Anamika was red- with anger, frustration, if only she knew how much I was enjoying right now, I would have been dead by now, to say the least.

“So rock or blues? I guess blues are better, since that’s what you always are- blue.” I winked and regretted doing that the very next moment as her forehead clouded with some more wrinkles and she gave me that trade-mark warning sign by narrowing her eyes on me. I guess play time is over. Sigh. “OK!” I stepped ahead and made her sit on bed with me. “Now just spit out whatever is irritating you”

“It’s you dim wit-dumb-thick-fool!” Another scream and I am sure my ears will give away.

“OK! And what else I did apart from ruining your sleep at 3 am half a dozen times or taking your name at home while I was away with him or… hey I never even curse your Arjun and I even convinced your mom for taking you out for hills ride. What did I do wrong then?” I refrained from telling her that I still love her no matter how ugly her hair had become after that intense chemical treatment… Rebonding? Whatever! I actually loved those wavy curls.

“Oh yeah? You took MY name while you were roaming with that MORON and don’t even remind me of the early morning or midnight calls you do when you have those Blue-attacks, you talk insane, you behave insane moreover you make me insane along with you!”  And I hereby declare that my ears will never work properly after so much of harassment by a highly insane creature. “And you do curse Arjun when I tell you that he hadn’t called me since a week!”

“See, I do care for you! How dare that guy even think of living without calling his girlfriend for a week! How can I not hate the person who hurts my best friend?”

“But he could be busy.”

“Duh! Being busy is nothing. It’s all about priorities”

“Maybe I am not needed anymore.” She sighed. So did I. I know we were behaving like 12 year oldies at 19, shame? Na, it’s only her with whom I can behave like that. “Ok, let's be serious now. How are you now?” I hate these ‘serious’ talks.

“Feeling tired after the verbal fight with you” did I say that to earn a smack on my arm, probably. “Ok! I am perfectly fine, actually the best I ever felt no actually I feel high without even any booze.” She narrowed her eyes on me- so that the last warning to my insanity or I might be awarded with something lethal than that smack. “You know what. I have thought a lot. And after all that I convinced myself that buying a car is better than walking in relationship.”

“And now I am convinced that you have finally lost the remaining wits that I thought were present.” she got up to leave, highly frustrated and… dangerous.

“Ok, hear me out and then you may leave. I am serious.” She showed her trade-mark frown and sat back again. “Great! Now you see, my car never denies taking me out when I fell like going somewhere, unless I am not showering enough love (fuel) on it. It sings my favorite music to me all the time to woo me. Wherever I be, it is always waiting outside ‘for me’ no matter if its hot summers or freezing winters, romantic isn’t it?” here came the another series of eye-daggers. I still went on ignoring her weird stares “It's faithful, romantic, comfortable to be with and most of all it won’t leave me at any point unless I want to let it go.”

“You are crazy! Take care, good bye” with that she moved towards door again.

“And by the way they do make me sigh with appealing looks too. Hotter than even Leonardo DiCaprio? Nah, maybe not but still...”


“I know”

“Good bye”

I slumped back on bed yet again pulling out yet another chocolate from the chocolate box lying next to me. Chocolates are well known aphrodisiacs, ain’t it? 

From somewhere far I heard ‘verve’ screeching out what I wanted to scream aloud too.

I was blind - didn't see
What was here in me
I was lost - insecure
Felt like the road was way too long, yeah
Cause love is noise and love is pain
Love is these blues that we're feeling again
Love is noise and love is pain
Love is these blues that I'm singing again, again, again...

#17 Neither hatred nor love

If even for a moment, you had
Gazed into my eyes, you could have seen
What it was, what it could have been

Of all the things between us
That were said never
“I am there” stayed awaited forever

Of all the times together we spent
The moment arrived never
When you held me for ever

Of all the moments I spent

Thinking about you
And you were far somewhere
Smiling with someone else

I cringe, cower, repent and hate myself

You misunderstood my wishes
Yet blame it all on me
You backed away when I was down
Yet I feel it was me

If even for a moment, you had
Gazed into my eyes, you could have seen
What it was, what it could have been

All I wanted, wasn’t the walk

With coherent steps, hands in hands
Neither a lifetime of romance
Nor lying in stars or a rain dance

But a promise to never let go
A will to stay evermore
A command to be yours forever
A silent commitment to not give up too soon

Now that it’s over

All we had is now- was
The foot prints you left
Teach me, remind me
Of failure I embody

Now a void has replaced
The innocence you stole

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#16 ...and she died again

Walking down the lanes

Clad in shabby, ragged coat
She preferred being solitary
She lived life in melancholy
Terrified of brutal world
Shielded beneath thick walls
Lay the crumbled heart
Embracing scratches of the past
Her innocence yet remained
Untouched, unscathed
World’s ruthless, so is life
She learnt and behold
She lived… a life of dead
And then, it happened
He blew in as fresh air
Like springs succeeded winters
Like flowers replaced snow flakes
Yet, her apprehensions took over
What if he too betrayed?
What if it’s another heart break?
“I came to guard not to offend,
To hold you mine, till the end”
Soothing cold on burnt soul
She gave into the sincere words
He took her to heights of glee
Of life, she flew and laughed
At last… she learnt to live
Fairy tales had taught her
Dreams of prince-charming
Who’ll kiss her to life
Wipe tears off her eyes
Did dreams ever come true?
They cease to turn into veracity
So did hers, broke with a clash
When actuality hit hard in face
“till the end” was a lie
Shattered yet again, she fell apart
Crying over what wasn’t meant
…and she died again
Would she ever fall in love again?
Maybe not now
Maybe not yet
But soon enough
When things are meant
Fault wasn’t his
For he came, he stayed
It was conspiracy of fate, they met
It was wish of almighty, it wasn’t meant

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#15 If it wasn't meant to be

If it wasn't meant to be
Why did our paths cross?

If it wasn't meant to be
What made us come that close?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why were you not a stranger?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why those arms felt so secure?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why I thought you are the ‘one’?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why it felt so perfect?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why you always knew it all?
Maybe you knew it all along
For you started to move apart

Maybe you knew it all along
For you left me alone with broken heart

Maybe you knew it all along
For you never said what I yearned to hear

Maybe you knew it all along
For you took me for-granted forever

If it wasn't meant to be
Why didn't I ever come to know?

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