Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#10 Uncertainty

Unsaid words, unexpressed emotions
There’s this pinch of pain even in bliss
Uncertainty of future, fear of losing
Imperfections of life, awful and amusing...

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Hey, Hi

The lines are beautiful...am speechless. they are just perfectly woven together. It portrays the fear within so amazingly well...

Way to go...

The Silhouette...


There's a pinch of pain even is bliss...so true.


Hey the lines are amazing...but an addition of some more lines would have enhanced it's beauty more!!

Good work dear :)
Keep writing !!


hmmm WEll i believe in the other way round Why keep the words UNSAID .. One shud say what is there to say otherwise its repenting later on in life.. :)

and loved the line there a pinch of pain in bliss toooo :)


Imperfections of life, awful and amusing...

and beautiful.



awww...so nicely written..:) :)


Few words say so much...Beautiful.


Reminds me the quote, Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid

Good one :)


Beautiful wording .!

Sabi Sunshine


Beautifuly expressed all the fears of life...


Imperfections of life, awful and amusing. I really like that sentiment.


@all- though it was just one of those random things that come to my mind.. still thanks

@the silhouette- it feels different to hear it from u.

@bikram- karthik's words say it all.."Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid" somethings are better left unsaid.



Well, what is good, has to be said good. What you put down here is an excellent piece of literature. The best part of it is, the full impact of the lines are felt after you have read the whole post...loved it...

The Silhouette...


I can appreciate your words I really can ... but what if the 'unsaid' words were said ... there might not be uncertainty then? What do you think? I do not mean to tamper with the spirit of the emotion but can't help but express my 2 cents.


^no probs... but then its not always mandatory that said words are meant too.. there are much times when people say/promise/confess something but then deny it another second... no guarantee of anything... so its better if some things are unsaid.. at least they won't create confusion.


very true.... imperfections,uncertainties,fear,surprises...they only make life interesting and worth living!!!


Why does it happen, that we can't say what's within?


@gvsparx- it's not we can/can't say.. its ... do we WANT to?... and matter is solved.


there lies a hint of everything in everthing..!! we just need to see what we want to se...! nice lines..!


Hey.. din i jus read the last line on my blog??? :) This is truly awsm... din know one cud fit so much into 4 simple lines...


@dhawal- :)
@lakshmi- thats coz i myself like that one... life is amusing, imperfect and awful all at same time... ain't it?


I loved, JUST LOVED this piece.

You captured and noted something that I never thought about before, someone that most would overlook. That how even in happiness, there is something are are not able to pass on about our joy and in that way, it brings its own sadness too. Are we then ever capable of feeling pure happiness? Very insightful.

I loved the composition, that beginning with those aspects of feelings, of life that we ALL carry around with us. Things that are left undone and so they will remain for the rest of our days. Very haunting.

Then that second layer that adds wisdom, a note on something much overlooked. If we are not able to fully convey ourselves, our feelings are we capable of fully feeling them in the first place?

Then that further note, that life is about up and down, about its vicissitudes, so that maybe we don't give ourselves fully to the moment because it is only fleeting. Excellently done.

Then that final note about the manner life plays with us, by our seeking the perfection of something that is inherently imperfect. Just outstanding.

A short piece, a few words used most cleverly, most skillfully and very beautifully. I am very much impressed. Just remarkable in composition, style and substance.


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