Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#11 The 'touch' it was

Though ‘twas smooth,
Yet sparks flew.
Soft and gentle,
Yet passion intact.

Calmness of sea,
Warmth of the sun.

Silence spoke volumes,
Yet no songs heard.
Budding new feelings,
Deep seated emotions.

The touch 'twas
something new, something rare..

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beautiful words strung together...


So beautiful!
i love the picture as well :)
Great job !!


Its called LOVE.. :)

loved the wordings you are so good in writing i envy you ..



They call it Alchemy, don't they? The touch that defines, or redefines, in a novel way.


Blasphemous Aesthete


you could have described a bit more


u flew with the emotions in second para.... well done dear


a touch can do so much..much more than words!


whaat a warmth in your words....liked it :)


I have just one word, "Awesome"

Very good feelings... Deepika I just loved it :)


Hey Hi

good..deep set emotions.

The Silhouette...


At loss of words...so full of emotions
loved it a lot :)


@bikram- U don't need to envy me, for u already got much more for me to envy u :)

@anshul- yes, a touch that defines, shapes and redefines.. alchemy.

@nikhil- it wasn't a description, its a as simple as thought, no amount will suffice and nothing will be less.

@madhu- thats true.. thats when silence matters more than words.

@tanvi- hey, welcome back! i missed u dear..

@the silhouette- thank you

@mayank- yes, it is.


ahhhaaaye...!!!! nicely written...!! lovely...!!
picture abi baaki hai mere dost..!!


^picture abhi baaki hai mere dost :P


An absoloutely beautiful poem with wonderful images!

Best wishes, Eileen


You have your way with words ...


amazing write....very beautiful, passionate and heartfelt....i like the dilemma,the intermingled emotions,the imagery captured....good pen...


@eileen- thanku :)

@rhythmic-thanku :)

@the fallen poet- thanku.. it feels good.


Just that very touch, that never can hurt .. Soothing and healing! :)


magnificent word painting...
Glad to see you at JP.



very sweet and beautiful poem..

"Though ‘twas smooth,
Yet sparks flew.
Soft and gentle,
Yet passion intact."

I have experienced this too :)


@JP- i m myself happy to be part of jingle.

@sumit sarkar- m glad.


from the heart and romantic:)


I loved how you take one moment, one instant of a feeling and layer it with an eternal quality, something that isn't fleeting but lives on forever. The manner you tie in sun and moon adds to this theme. Skillfully done.

In the first verse you contrast its conflicting yet complimenting elements, that which sets ablaze a fire within us yet by that it also brings warmth. Finely done.

The second verse adds much depth in that it evokes images of those things that are vast and tremendous but also composed, thus creating a sense of showing outwardly a turbulent energy that is balanced by an inward calm. In this way it takes us back to the person who is describing the feeling. Beautifully done.

I loved the line, budding new feelings, deep seated emotions for it adds that note of something that contrasts of being fresh and yet ancient too. It brings us back to the theme of the first verse too, of being something everlasting, that was here long before she had known it.

I love the manner your themes of immortal, timeless and eternal quality of this feeling as well as contrasting aspects flow throughout the piece, binding together the whole. So as your last lines say the same again, but upon a different view, it affirms it with every word. Skilfully done.
With love, Sabah


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