Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

Sheroes meet in Chandigarh

Thanks to Blogadda I had the chance to attend the Sheroes meet in Chandigarh on 8th November at Shivalik View, sector 17. I know it’s pretty late but whether late than never.

So here goes my experience of the day.

I hadn't heard anything about Sheroes by then, so appropriately was quite apprehensive about what to expect there. I did my googling but being as dumb as I am, I couldn't still predict what to expect.

Approaching the destination wasn't a hassle at all, for one being a Chandigarhian there rarely a place we find hard to reach in 15 min, secondly Sheroes in collaboration with UBER was offering free rides to and fro to Shivalik View.

Once there, there were supervisors at all the points from the entrance to the hall, letting know of the directions. Signing in on the register, we were directed towards seats.

The event comprised of various speakers putting up there stories about their entrepreneur journeys. First speaker was Sairee Chahal.

Who also was head person of the event. She told little about her own story and starting of Sheroes. How they started this aiming to empower women by bringing them together giving them resources and knowledge to go up on their ladder of finding themselves.

Second one was Tavleen mehendiratta. I particularly liked her funny presentation that underlined the matter of heavy traffic in Delhi and increasing carbon emission. that when she herself is Technology evangelist- someone who goes out tell people what car to buy :D

Next we had the four guest speakers who were interviewed by Sairee about their life story, initiation of their works and the current status of their individual entrepreneurship.

Last one being my own friend Srishti Kush going up on the stage who joined Sheroes with Sairee and brought it to Chandigarh. 

And there was my other ex-classmate Vanya Kaushik who was there as the person behind the curtain, who was helping to make all the work go smooth as butter. 

This is where I wrap up by telling you all what all was there by cunningly escaping t=from spelling out what actually did ;) Because you had to be there to listen to those motivational talks and be part of the group.