Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

Game of Blogs : Story Weavers (Part 29 of the story)

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It had been half hour since they were travelling towards Ferozeshah Kotla stadium. All were silent except the one unmasked terrorist who kept holding his satellite phone and kept calling "Karachi 42 come in" whole through the journey, with no answer from the opposite side.

Tara wasn't as oblivious of the confused looks that passed between the two armed men. Something was not the way they anticipated and that means it was better for them.

"What's happening?" asked the masked man.

"No reply from 'karachi 42'. I wanted to have a green signal before we started with it."

"So does that mean we are not going to be blasted in air?" This came from Tara. Quite amused to be supposedly blasted in some time.

"Don't worry! You are no time getting out alive out of this. Excited?"

"Very!" came the sarcastic reply.
With that, man went back to "Karachi 42, come in" for the rest of the journey.

Shekhar with his team were surrounding Ferozeshah Kotla stadium, waiting for 'go' command from the bomb detection squad.

Yet again, he was amazed at how his family kept getting tangled in this all chaos and then kept helping in their own rescue. Camera in Tara's shoe may have been bad at giving visuals but the audio was clear enough.

Because of that camera they were now at stadium even before the van could reach. And he planned to use the surprise element of their attack to their advantage as much as he could.

"Sir! We found 5 bombs in the stadium. The information was correct. They planned to blow this whole up. Now if they don't have any more of explosives with them in van, I guess stadium is secure."

"Are all the 5 bombs have been taken care of? Can my team now go inside? "

"Yes sir! You may proceed. "

"Go team! Go go go. Take positions. Make use of camouflage and darkness. Be my ninjas. Invisible but potent. You know what has to be done. Mark your target, keep regard of the hostages and shoot right between the eyes. No more face disfigurement. We need to be able to run their faces on facial recognition. Dismissed. "


"Is it activated now? " Aryan asked.

"What? No! You asked me to program it. Not activate it. Also I can't activate it actually. "

"Then who can? And how?"

" Just a few seconds. It's done. " The guy with spectacles and a gum in his mouth, continues playing with his keyboard some more. "Here! Say your password in your as steady voice as you can."

"Jihad ki jeet"

"Thank you. Your password is saved."

Aryan smirked. "Now tell me who can activate and deactivate it? And how?"

"Why, of course you sir! Say that while pressing this button-" he said while pointing at one yellow button on the device "- and it'll tell you it's activated or deactivated. And of course me. No one can break-in my programming except me."

"Very well. Your work here is done" One instant the computer guy was grinning, happy about himself, other instant his eyes went cold with blood oozing out of his heart.

Aryan pressed the yellow button and said carefully "Jihad ki jeet".

"Your device is now active." 


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