Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#32 The silent killer

They don't attack from behind,
With a dagger big as an arm.

They don't creep up in house
From unlatched windows.

They don't poison your coffee,
While you look away.

They don't shoot you with a gun
While they stand in front of you.

They'll tell you they love you
And gain your trust..
They'll take you to places,
You have never been to..
They sing you lullabies,
Till you fall asleep on their shoulders..
They'll touch your heart,
And own your soul..

Then they'll walk away
And let you fall apart
Till you drown in your own tears
Or hang yourself to death..

People think it's a suicide
While they enjoy watching
Their handicraft of killing in silence..

5 Opinions:

I precisely know, who this is..


No you don't! :)
We just know what we think we know, what we tell our brains to make of what we see and what we perceive after taking every known and unknown into account.
Which most of the time is not what it is.
Hope u get it.. and get everything that u need and most of the things that you want (those ones that are good for you)

Sorry for bad english. If applicable. :)


Watever i hv read so far... n believe me i read almost all poems... i really think... i have fallen a little for you with every single line... they are sad but so raw... amazing!!! Keep writing!!
By d way u do knw me.. ;)


@Anonymous- I sincerely have no idea about who you are. I would really like to know though.
The things I have written are depressing, people either hate me after reading these or ask a spectrum of questions. It feels better to know that these words could have some another impact on someone. For me, they are a form of vent out.

So, Yes! I again would urge you to contact me. Please.


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