Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#30 Love's wrath

How a crime so huge be treated?
How a criminal so vile be punished?
Break them, burn them and tie their necks 
Whirl around till they choke to death

For they deserve not a painless end
But a life full of misery and suffering.. 
Reminding them of their folly..

Let them bear the scars of it, 
Let them plead for mercy.
They did the thing they should never had,
They loved someone more than themselves.

For, love is cruel, cunning and unforgiving.
Causes pains to those who seek its shelter 
Favours those who repel cupid's arrow

Love is cold and distant avenger
It thrives on the cries of its victims.

Love thyself and thou wilt be free, 
Love another soul with whole thy's heart 
And thou shalt bear love's wrath for life remained..