Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#21 Love's heavenly bliss

In your arms i would rather lie... Encased in them i want to die..

With her eyes shut,
Head laid on his shoulder,
She smiled listening to his heartbeat,
Yes, it rhymed with her owns
Together they played tender melody
Her fingers strayed lazily
Etching doodle upon his arm
His hand brushed across her nape,
Undoing the ultimate knots
Of discomfort, slipping her in daze
Calming the racing heart
They lay in heavenly bliss

Carry me in you my love
Crush the distances trapped within
Let me inhale you in my breath
That's where you should be
Take me away afar,
Hide me beneath your skin
Hold me, mould me in cage of arms
Let me devour your warmth
Encased in those eyes
Lays the world I want to be in
With you... together forever…

#20 Deafening silence

Time has taken away the silent whimpers
Nagging presence of constant whispers

Deafening silence growling since forever
Fear and laughter existing together

Of shrieking sighs and suppressed cries
Silence is all in those mourning eyes

Silence is all, which floats to and fro
Mystifying reality of merciless truths

Expression out loud is a forgotten history
Fake smiles clutching unsolved mystery

Thousand words stuck in throat, helpless
Denying to betray their beastly mistress

Silence is artful,
If conceived it rhymes
If brushed off its nothing,
If penetrated can kill
Silence is pure
Silence is bliss

Speech of incoherent
Sanity of the fool
Bravery of the coward
Silence is nothing
Silence is all

Silence is all being heard
Silence is all being felt
Wish there was a place where
Silence could be attained, understood and said...