Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#17 Neither hatred nor love

If even for a moment, you had
Gazed into my eyes, you could have seen
What it was, what it could have been

Of all the things between us
That were said never
“I am there” stayed awaited forever

Of all the times together we spent
The moment arrived never
When you held me for ever

Of all the moments I spent

Thinking about you
And you were far somewhere
Smiling with someone else

I cringe, cower, repent and hate myself

You misunderstood my wishes
Yet blame it all on me
You backed away when I was down
Yet I feel it was me

If even for a moment, you had
Gazed into my eyes, you could have seen
What it was, what it could have been

All I wanted, wasn’t the walk

With coherent steps, hands in hands
Neither a lifetime of romance
Nor lying in stars or a rain dance

But a promise to never let go
A will to stay evermore
A command to be yours forever
A silent commitment to not give up too soon

Now that it’s over

All we had is now- was
The foot prints you left
Teach me, remind me
Of failure I embody

Now a void has replaced
The innocence you stole

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#16 ...and she died again

Walking down the lanes

Clad in shabby, ragged coat
She preferred being solitary
She lived life in melancholy
Terrified of brutal world
Shielded beneath thick walls
Lay the crumbled heart
Embracing scratches of the past
Her innocence yet remained
Untouched, unscathed
World’s ruthless, so is life
She learnt and behold
She lived… a life of dead
And then, it happened
He blew in as fresh air
Like springs succeeded winters
Like flowers replaced snow flakes
Yet, her apprehensions took over
What if he too betrayed?
What if it’s another heart break?
“I came to guard not to offend,
To hold you mine, till the end”
Soothing cold on burnt soul
She gave into the sincere words
He took her to heights of glee
Of life, she flew and laughed
At last… she learnt to live
Fairy tales had taught her
Dreams of prince-charming
Who’ll kiss her to life
Wipe tears off her eyes
Did dreams ever come true?
They cease to turn into veracity
So did hers, broke with a clash
When actuality hit hard in face
“till the end” was a lie
Shattered yet again, she fell apart
Crying over what wasn’t meant
…and she died again
Would she ever fall in love again?
Maybe not now
Maybe not yet
But soon enough
When things are meant
Fault wasn’t his
For he came, he stayed
It was conspiracy of fate, they met
It was wish of almighty, it wasn’t meant

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#15 If it wasn't meant to be

If it wasn't meant to be
Why did our paths cross?

If it wasn't meant to be
What made us come that close?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why were you not a stranger?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why those arms felt so secure?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why I thought you are the ‘one’?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why it felt so perfect?

If it wasn't meant to be
Why you always knew it all?
Maybe you knew it all along
For you started to move apart

Maybe you knew it all along
For you left me alone with broken heart

Maybe you knew it all along
For you never said what I yearned to hear

Maybe you knew it all along
For you took me for-granted forever

If it wasn't meant to be
Why didn't I ever come to know?

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#14 Holiness of evil

One is the man, so is the body and soul
In every soul there exists a black hole
From where nothing escapes to the world
Some bitter truths, some secrets yet to unfold
There is some evil in every holy heart
And some holiness in every evil heart
No one lacks any of the two
This truth is yet to be accepted by you

You can run, you can hide
But you can’t deny the other side
Holiness and evil are parts of soul
There is nothing in it to reveal to all

Evil part makes you do what your senses want
Holy part lets you know what is right or wrong
The choice is yours’ whom to follow
You should do what your soul allow

Holiness has no meaning without evil
If there had been no evil no holiness could prevail
To have the real taste of winning
One should be familiar to feeling of losing

To know holiness you have to know evil
Self -experience can teach better of evil
Just go on exploring yourself
You might discover something better about self

Just listen what heart says
You’ll find thousand new ways
Don’t lose hope believe you’ll win
If you lose it, you’ll lose everything

Life is all about learning and winning
Either you win or you learn, losing is nothing
Learn new thing and walk ahead
Keep on learning until you’re dead

Recognize the holiness in evil
There is a long distance yet to travel…

A/N - Yet again, it was written way back in 2008, 
Phew.. but still, Criticism is welcome :)

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