Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

..and I always will

I sat at the shore of the lake thinking about the past events. How did it all happen? How did my life changed? Which was the milestone that marked this day to ever happen?

My mind wheel churned back to the time from where it all started. Exactly 5 years 4 months and 3 days ago he called me; to ask for the notes of the god-damned chemistry practical's class. He was gone with his family for a vacation and had missed out on 3 practical classes and 5 theory lectures. Mr. Smarty-pants had already covered up the theory part but needed some help in practical thingy. 

How I wish I could have been any of his help but alas! I was never able to keep awake in chemistry class. Either I was drooling over Hritik's new look in kites or Shahid's new hair cut! Oh man! He looked'. Delicious! Ahh' where was I' ya chemistry's freaking salt analysis.

How can a teacher ever think that from all the same looking white powder stuff I can tell that is it ammonium carbonate or sodium zincates' or god-knows-what-carbon/sulph/zinc ate? I can't ever remember those tongue-twister names and they expect me to identify one from those creepy things. Jesus!

Well, he was one of those who THOUGHT that I can ever get out alive of those pungent smelling powders. He was wrong. But I could never let him know that I was so dumb. I studied all the practical stuff from all those books which lie in my book shelf since a whole year but never were lucky enough to have my mercy of being picked and ever opened' till yesterday. But now, for him I read all the mind eating terms and freaking definitions.

He came to my house at 6 in evening. I was more than anticipated for him to come over and study with me. It wasn't like he was coming for first time but it was first time I was going to teach HIM. It is going to be fun' at least that's what I think.

He came. We studied together for about 2 hours discussing all the yucky chemical names that ever existed on periodic table. It wasn't hard for me to catch up with his questions and his doubts since I had studied real HARD, that too for first time in years.

I don't know if he noticed or not but we were coincidently wearing same colors' ^_^ white. I knew it was his favorite color, maybe that's why I chose it of all the colors from my wardrobe. After half hour of heated discussion about which of the element from nitrogen and bromine gives brown ring test we negotiated on letting the answer on our chemistry teacher. I didn’t cared which actually did; but was more fascinated about the lines of irritation that formed on his forehead when he was busy arguing with me. I just hope I wasn't caught staring.

After another half hour we were FINALLY done with it. He packed his stuff, ready to leave but as he approached the door he turned back.

"Are you coming for the prom night, next week?" I was taken by surprise, for 3 reasons:- 
1) Mayank ‘studious’ sharma actually knows that our school is holding a party 
2) He was actually asking about MY plans.
3) He was interested in DANCE-yuck; the only thought of swinging in the beats for no sane reason annoys the core of me!

I stared at him concluding my personal analyzing session and replied in the dumbest voice "err.. I don't know how to'. Dance". Not to mention that it meant ballroom typo dance- oh please, spare me the horror of making a fool of myself in front of everyone.

"You can always learn" and here comes the scholar advice, "rather' if you want I can teach you. I owe you for helping me with this" he pointed at the chemistry lab book.

"Umm' no its fine" of course my heart was doing all the maniac dances that I ever saw in movies.

"Hey no need to be formal, see you at 4 after school, in rehearsal room. Bye" he smiled and left. I was on cloud nine just imagining that he will be teaching me dance. Sigh.


Next day in school passed so much in haste, I was only waiting for clock to stuck 4. And when it did I found myself waiting for him in rehearsal room from past 15 minutes. He won't be late. He can't, he is too punctual to be late, and I was right. There he was, as expected, exact on time.

We started with some simple steps like balancing in the ballroom type dance, and then he was teaching me to twirl around, only if I manage it without falling off. But to make things worse my double cotton layered long skirt was coming in my steps every now and then. Besides I was a tough nut to crack and he had a really hard job to do. 

After a while when he was teaching me to match steps I just discovered he had deep green eyes. Now when I stand inches close to him I can clearly see the depth and mystery that his eyes held inside. All I could feel was my heart beating madly against my chest and his hands doing havoc as they lay on my waist swaying on the beats of music in smooth rhythm.

It came as a shock when he suddenly turned me around and locked me in his embrace. I went stiff under the warmth of his touch.

"Just let yourself loose" he mouthed near my ear, as if getting the cue, I felt myself melting right there, right then. His arms curled around me in a perfect manner, holding me with all the tenderness and care. It was bliss; to stand in arms of the one I have adored since ages. I was clueless about his feelings for me, if any ever existed, I wasn't sure about anything. At the instance all I wanted was to inhale as much of this moment as I could. Nothing else really mattered. As if reading my thoughts, I heard him'

"So were you going to skip the ball night cause you thought you can't dance?" he said near my ear, for once scaring the hell out of me. The mischief in his voice was noticeable and rare thing to happen. I turned a little bit to see him. It was one amongst the many moments when the only faces in the whole rehearsal room had contrasting facial expressions, mine with confusion written all over and his full of something I couldn't comprehend at that time. I straightened my face again.

"Yes, I didn't want to make a fool of myself by tripping over on dance floor on the ball night, besides and I didn't had a date too" Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! 'I didn't had a date' whom I kidding with? Of course, those Rahul, Sachin, Rajat and Sumit were asking me to accompany them to grain market, Right? 

"Oh! I wanted to go as its going to be our last school-time party but' same problem with me too, no date" wow! Another liar. Just day before yesterday I saw him rejecting the proposal of school diva-cum-head girl Akansha. Well, I am not blaming, because if he had said yes to her then I swear I must have died of jealously right there. Long-live Akansha's date, whoever-he-is!

"Oh'" that's what all I could say when his arms were still around me, holding me possessively, and I loved the feeling of being possessed by him.

The remaining dance teaching class was taken over by silence from both the sides. The music ended and reluctantly I moved out of his grip, only I knew how much it pained me.

"So? Now what?" now what' now I'll go on my way and you on yours, Isn't it?

"Nothing' will just leave for home. By the way thanks for your time" hurriedly I packed my bag, throwing everything messily, once done I hung it on back and moved to the door.

"So' will you be my date for the ball night?" I stopped in my steps and waited for him to repeat it, in case I was hallucinating again. I turned around when I received neither repetition nor confirmation. He was fidgeting with his cell phone. "You said you too don't have a date, alike me. So I thought that we can go together, only if you want." Man! I need a hard pinch to stop myself from fainting. Hell yes! I was dying to hear this. Yes! Yes! Yes! 

"Umm... Yeah' okay" I just ran from there after that. Obviously I didn't want him to see me jumping and drooling just on the thought that he asked me to be his date.

The ball night came so soon that I was still not out of the trance that HE was going to be my date. 

Dressed in my favorite ankle length rust color gown I rushed to main gate of my house where he stood waiting for me in is ooooh-aaaah worthy black suit. I just hope I don't get caught gawking' as always.

Together we reached the venue and entered the ballroom. All the heads that turned towards us made me uncomfortable and conscious. Seeking attention has never been my agenda.

'Oh please guys look at your respective partners!' I wanted to scream on top of my lungs but yet again' me and my wild wishes. I looked over my shoulder just to find the same expression of frustration and consciousness on his face too. He slightly nodded at me and placed his arm around my waist. From the corner of my eyes I could see Akansha throwing a jealous look towards us. And guess what she was here with Sumit' long-live Sumit! 

We walked straight to the dance floor; I guess that's why we were here, isn't it? After all it's the ball night! He held out his hand and I accepted it with a bigger smile and smaller grin. With one pull I was in his arms' again. His one arm draped on m waist and other hand holding mine; my hand rested on his shoulder and both pairs of eyes locked together. I didn't had to recall the lessons he had taught me about being on the dance floor, I just had to let me loose in his arms, he took over the charge of swaying me as well. All that seemed mesmerizing until a spot light fell on us, breaking the trance. We didn't know that there was a something like a best-dressed couple award too. Well, that spot light was to declare the winners. After the whole half an hour scene of awards, claps, hooting and one special dance by the winning couple, we finally got some time to ourselves. I felt so bored in the crowd when he was away with his friends, discussing the project report that we had to submit next week, HELL YES! Even in the middle of a party he was bothered about a damned project report.

After which seemed an eternity he returned and caught me yawning, I was bored, BORED like hell!

"Sorry I had to leave u alone. So'" I stared at him with expression of'. How would I know, I was bored at that time and had no mirror to check out my expression. Well it must be something what he understood as what he said next, got me all cheered up again. "So shall we go and resume at the dance floor... the award thing interrupted earlier" I can't believe it a person can be so rude and sweet at the same time. I nodded and followed him to dance floor, now I m not scared of dancing or tripping cause I had the best dancing teacher ever. Even if something went wrong, I m sure he'll take care.

He led us to the part of dance floor where there was less rush and less of those disturbing lights. Its was soothing to again have the same feeling fill my senses, but this time there was something different too, yes his eyes now were more piercing than earlier and spoke volumes.

"I know that 'no date' excuse was a lie" he softly said looking into my eyes. At first I was startled but then I decided to play along. I smiled at him and he continued, "Because Sumit had told everyone that he is going to ask you and was sure that you won't say no. But just a day before I came to your home for chemistry discussion, my friend told me that you turned down his offer." I smiled again and so did he.

"I know Akansha had asked you for this ball. So, its equal, you too had lied" it was his turn to smile.

"I knew you rarely give attention to what's going in class but still I needed a excuse to spend some time with you" oh my god! Now this confession session is making me blush. Did he just say what I heard? I smiled again but this time lowered my eyes with certain embarrassment. It's not everyday that the person I like since forever comes and tell me that he wanted to spend time with me.

It was my turn to confess, so I did. "I had read all the chemistry practical stuff just a day before you had come." I heard him giggling, though it was my time to get more embarrassed I found myself smiling again. His laughter is contagious.

Yet again, he turned me around suddenly and caught me at my waist, in an impulse my hands found there way on his arms. He pulled me back towards him and rested his chin on my shoulder. "You didn't have to read all that stuff, I was asking those doubts just to pass as much time as I could, by the way, brown ring test is nitrozen's test. We don't have to go to teacher and clarify it" I am actually liking this confession-session. "You look stunning in this attire." This came as a shock; Mr. Nerd-and-Geek not just noticed a girl but also complimented her.

"Thank you" that's it. I am not going to confess anything now. It's not like it's compulsory to keep on going with this game, though I was loving this. I kept mum and continued matching steps with him on the slow beats.

The famous silence prevailed again. I was adamant about opening my mouth now, scared if I spilled the beans like- 'oh I love you so much' OR 'I just love this thing about you' OR 'this is the reason I went 'fida' over you'. Certainly not, there is no way I'll confess my feelings, not yet.

Between all this conversations with myself I failed to pay attention at what he was doing. Instead of his chin, now his lips rested on my bare shoulder; which slowly, on the speed of snail were moving towards my neck. I shivered at this intimate touch, his grip on my waist tightened some more. My breathing quickened as his lips brushed against my neck. I was losing myself. I wanted him to stop and continue at the same time. I clutched his arms tightly and' the spell broke. He parted from me and stood at the distant of 2 feet's, guilt written all over his face. This is not what I was expecting moments ago.

"I am sorry' I' it was a mistake, I didn't mean to offend you in any way." He said with guilt. "I didn't intend to cross my limits" his lowered face and shameful eyes, made me say what I was swearing never to confess.

I stepped forward and said looking straight into his eyes, "You don't need to be sorry' I wasn't offended' it's ok' until its' you" I smiled at him. For the first time, I wasn't afraid of letting out my feelings, rather I was glad that I was able to say this.

"I love you" the words made the earth beneath me spin. I looked at him with disbelief. And I know he understood my condition again, because he repeated the ultimate words. "I love you; I always had, since you used sleep in calculus classes next to me, since you used to stare at me with the dreamy look on your face, since the time we have met in childhood in class 3rd. I loved you then and I love you now and I always will" I threw myself on him, hugging him with all my power and passion.

If I had ever doubted the last words "I always will" then I won't have been sitting here at lake shore with his head in my laps and eyes closed. I smiled looking at him, remembering the ball night that occurred 5 years 4 months ago. Never in my wildest dream had I thought that we'll ever share this day.

"What is this smile for sweetheart?" I looked back at him, his eyes wide open and looking at me with same amount of love which my eyes must have been showing at the moment.

"Was just going through the memories which turned my nerd friend into most romantic and passionate lover!" the smile on his face widened and turned into a smirk.

The next moment is little hard to explain as I don't remember how, but in matter of micro-seconds I was lying on the shore and he was on top of me doing what he does the best.

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Deepika, Nivi Di here.. yaad haina?
This is my favourite from all your stories :)
I had read it in IF long back ,but that time I was not even a member -so couldnt tell you how much I liked this one :)


Hi Nivi di...
Of course I remember u yr! thanks a lot, ur words mean a lot to me. :)


seriously romantic post...!! i mean if you continue this way, you're surely gonna end up writing love scripts..!! The art of depiction of high moments is awesome... The suspense and surprise really builds up...!! keep going..!!!! All the best!!!!


thank you. it inspires to write more :)


Deepu...Honey!!!Lovely and well written u write abt feelings and love so well!!superb..
Well love ur stuff so Do I need to say?Still loved it...u must post your poems too here...


thanku honey! yes i'll post my poems too. but it'll take time as i m bit apprehensive to post them all together...


@dhawal- thank you for appreciating. it keeps me going .


Damn Romantic post.. I enjoyed reading this Deepika.. I used to romance with my pen usually but I never did such a romance with my pen. From now onwards I am following your blog..

Welcome to Room for Romance... and will be happy to see your name in the linkies every week.. But PS, make sure you are penning down a tale inspired by the image..

Once aging thanks for sharing this wonderful romantic post with us.. I loved your language, your blog and your way of penning it down..

Thanks for your wonderful and encouraging comment on my post, that invited me to find this wonderful blog..

Blog on.. You are an awesome writer for sure..

Merry Christmas !

--Someone is Special--


Once again thanks for following my blog :-) I am sure that I will read rest of the posts today.. Your blog design is awesome..

--Someone is Special--



those lines ,!! lovely tale, damn romantic.. :)
will love to see more of you. There goes number. 57.
Merry Christmas.


@Someone Is Special= actually i just shared this piece over there... next will go with the prompt... sorry.

@anurag- thanks !


Thank you for visiting The Friday Forgotten and linking your post. Your imagination and creativity should never lie dusty in a dark corner of your blog. We are happy to help clear away the cobwebs.

Deepika your story was truly a romance for the ages. I liked the banter of the two back and forth you did well with this one. Thank you for sharing such an endearing tale.


Freak freak freak freak freak freak freak freak freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You took revenge, eh? Nice, I like it... You see now how your character turns blissfully negative in my story!

Hahahahahah...Me and Ankit...LOL!!! God! I know can never be jealous of mayank and nupur!

And and me and head gurl..bud when i cant talk to people, you made me the head gurl! Wow! thats one wild imagination!


Here goes on how i like it...

Well that was AWESOME!! Everything...from the naughty mayank to the lovely nupur..i totally loved it..

And yeah! I loved salt analysis! I remember, i had done mine and my two friends complete salt analysis in 11th finals and all the exams after that!

Yeah brown ring test was the one i hated completely..

Ok before i go on about chem, i just wanna say gurl, i missed your writing...way too much!

Seriously...Man! You are an awesome writer! Come down on the ground before i cut your wings!

The perfect promise...Ha! I loved it...

I really really loved one thing...that cute scene..in which nups confesses! lovely! superbly lovely!

And and a special mention to the last line.....What he did the best, eh? that was naughty and nice like me!*wink*

Write more bud..i cant help the greedy me...

Loads and loads of love,

P.s. I hate ya for the character you gave me

P.s.s. But i love you more..

P.s.s.s But i'll get back at you in my FF! I am sure of the fact!


First of all...sweet revenge!must say..he he
Akansha..head girl n mayank rejectin her?!damn!! cant wait to see Aki's shot in her ff now ;))

coming to the OS...
Fantastic is the word!!!
chemistry and mayur jus go together na??it jus clicks..may be coz of the sizzling chemistry tehy share..sorry for the lousy joke :(

Mayank asking her out and both of them lying about their dates was damn cute!!
the ball was beautiful..their confessions reminded of mjht episode...jus before the play.. the dance sequence..were mayank continously questions Nupur..very well written!

my favourite part was Nupur reassuring Mayank..its perfectly shows her trust on him..
their confession was sweet too..esp the part where he says sleeping during maths lecs,staring at him n drooling..he he..

in short i loved it!!


Loved it deepika, u r a natural at it!!
I just loved the story and those chemistry lessons (reminded me of my school/college days - where there was no Mayank but i miss those salt analysises where I used to always get chlorides x( marked by the pungent order that used to go up my nose and get me into coughing fits)
and the amazing chemistry of the lead pair,,sigh,,.,
too good :)
aah I loved Akansha;s guest appearance :)


Deepika awesome OS.... loved it...

I think you and I have few things in common... looks like you too hate chemistry... just like I did.... I could never remember those formulas..... and I still remember how bad I scored in the food adulteration test. Anyway.... another common thing...my liking for Hrithik and Shaheed.... I adore their smiles....along with Mr. Bijlani's smile.....

Coming back to your OS... loved the chemistry between MN.... thank God... Mayank didn't agree to Akanksha ;) .... .... I rather liked the new rocking jodi Akanit ;)) .......... now I really have to run... or else Akki will come and throw chappals at me....


I am gone deeps
Seriously what an update ;)) ;)) ;)) ;))

5 years 4 month 4 days [calendar]

Chemistry notes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hrithik's new look and shadid that was really lovely ;) ;) ;) ;)

She read all the notes a day before to impress him [that to chemistry ,i would have done the same if ........................]

Well he denied to college Diva [ahem ahem that was so sweet of him --This was very funny A*****A please no Gussa on me dear - sab deeps ke OS ka natija hai sach me ] :(( :(( :(( :((

She knew how to coincident things also ;)) ;)) ;)) ;))

I am seriously freaking out now no no hallucinating what was going on there

2 hours only Chemistry no mistery :P :P :P :P

He wanted to go in the last party of the school and wanted her to be his date

I loved her hear she ran so that he should not see her expressions

Both wanted to spend time and big time liars

I so loved the dance steps their closeness and the Best was the confession

I really hope confession would have been another Chemical formula [he he he]

So here i stop otherwise another OS will be written just to comment on this OS ;)) ;)) ;)) ;))

Now please write some more

i would love to imagine ........................

Luv u deeps



Hey Deepika that was beautifully written. Poor Akansha, but then it must be an honour to be a part of this wonderful story. Very well written, loved the way you intricately described what they felt especially during the dance and the rehearsals. Do write more. You write beautifully.

God bless you


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