Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#31 Center of universe

What happens to all the matter that revolves around that one center which is falling apart?
Would it all crumble to a heap or stay put with some magical energy? 

What happens when that center walked off by its own will?
Would the world follow him around or move on? 

What happens when that center no longer wants to be center anymore? 
Would it be able to go as he wishes or will he be forced to stay no matter what?

Can affinity of the world stop the center from leaving or his own power will overpower?
What happens when the center is just a human and world is just somebody's life?

What would world have to do.. To make him stay?
Is there anything that can be done? 

Or the only thing now left to be done is sit and watch the world fall apart?

I wonder if center will be happy to see what powers he has on the world..

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hello stranger how are you doing .. remember me :)

lots of questions and sadly i have no idea what the answers should be :)



Hello sir :)
I certainly do remember you. How have you been?


aingggggggggg where did this SIR come .. I am not that BUDHA.. well a bit i know but not enough yet to be called a SIR..

glad you remember me .. I am doing good was away from blogging for more than a year or so .. coming back and getting into the routine :)



That's nice! I too am just trying to get back in habit.. been away for a long time.
Hope to see you around.


This is a wonderful deep poem. Different from what I have read on this site, a gemstone like all others but set in platinum! Great Vision.Thank you!


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