Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#25 It has always been him

It has always been him
The one who holds her heart

He lays there in oblivion, feeling unloved
And here she weeps in her sleep
Sands of time, falling since eternity

Awaiting the innocent moment of confession
Lying under the stars on sleepless nights
Wondering, staring at the criss-cross
Across her palms, where would they lead?
Years had flown since she waited at the bay
Sighs in surrender and dreams away

Beneath the layers of shyness and hesitation
Expression of unrequited lay buried in depths
Extinguished flames of hope pushed aside
Nests still, the warmth of his eyes

Years apart couldn't fade the passion
Over and inside, it empowers
Unstirred, always.. only time has ashened

Affixed on her heart was his name, engraved
Nights alone passed in dreams, enslaved
Kept safe the memories so tender
It has always been him
The one who holds her heart..


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a great poem and that too after so long..

how are you doing long time no see




Mind state of one who though in love has been too shy to express it told so well.

Take care


main tenu kinni waari samjhaeya angreji na bol! muh chota koi espellng fass ju! =))


lovely, lovely poem :)

Do stop by my blog sometime :)


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First time here and I liked your style.
about love and romance I have differing opinions.


been long since m here.... being long since I read something as beautiful & as meaningful as this... soulful verse



So lovely in the waiting and the wondering, very deep and soulful, thank you.


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