Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#18 The mask

Let me be hidden beneath this veil
Let this long dark silence prevail
I was inefficient, coward and fool
Should have chosen silence over falsehood

The mask empowered me with strength
Bold, loud, unafraid, here I stand
Let me convey what never was said
Away from world, here I bled

I must say what’s held within
I might lose the courage later
I resemble magnum opus of flaws
Withheld in my own deed’s claws

For all the imperfections beheld in me
There ain’t a thing thou haven’t seen

I had slit their wings, tied their feet
Caged in layers, drowned deep somewhere
The dreams were cruel and insane
You and me together, few wishes in vain

I don’t need a constant reassurance for you to be mine
I don’t need another life of little more time
All I need is you to stay at a distance
For I can see you, admire you, making memories of the stance

A/N- This isn't a random verse. But related to a girl, referring to the incident mentioned in the story 'Maybe'.

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Hope he is at a distance of admiration.. and I wish you great memories... deepika, after a long time I am visiting your blog.. SmileS.. here is a dedication, the cry of a mother - the lost world and how hurting it would be if you lost someone special in your life to have loved and lost

Someone is Special



Good. The best lines that I liked

"I resemble magnum opus of flaws
"Withheld in my own deed’s claws


For I can see you, admire you, making memories of the stance...
Don't you feel it is better to move on now..!!


All I need is you to stay at a distance
For I can see you, admire you, making memories of the stance

Beautiful lines.
After quite a long time?

Blasphemous Aesthete


Painful but the wish at the end is touching!!!

P.S.Hope to see you back soon, Deepika :)


hey! what a poem! very well written..For all the imperfections beheld in me
There ain’t a thing thou haven’t seen
touching and impacting :) keep up d good wrk!



Hey, Hi...
so someones back to blogging and comes up with this nice poem and....and doesnt even tell!!! :-L
so no comments from me... x(

You know who...


we all are imperfect.. no one is perfect .. and why hide behind a veil.. what you are , YOU are .. and one shud accept you , me and anyone as they are .. dont you think

If we change or change other then those are not the people we liked or loved or wanted ..

a lovely poem though



nice one...!!! really poetic..!!!
but dun put so much blame on yourself... there are a whole lot of other ppl in this world to blame it on...


written very well.loved it so much. keep going


Hey, Hi
it so happens many a times that we stay behind the veil a bit too long, and by the time we decide to show our true self, we are too used to the comfort of anonymity...
nicely captured in a song...and the end is nice...acceptence kinda...nice. it shows maturity...

:) Momo... :P


This is beautiful and expressive...to want to love from a distance....the veil- that's a dangerous thing....one could lose all perception....:)


What are memories that feed on the soul?
And wears away like the shoe's sole.


I don’t need a constant reassurance for you to be mine
I don’t need another life of little more time
All I need is you to stay at a distance

Beautiful lines...:)


Loved the last stanza Deepika...:]
Beautifully written..:]


I liked the last para the most.
It strung a wire somewhere inside.

take care



Beautiful. Last stanza shows what true love is.

Take care


What a lovely thought... but why are you taking blame on you ? Have a self respect and dont let anyone sink you in his depths of negativity...
Try moving ahead.. You never know how easy is to come out of the veil !


Nice poetry...

Sometimes, we feel like hiding away watching the life and things from distance....

take care



Hey...this is really nice.....keep it up..u r really gud....


Masks do one thing very well - killin you from inside. Better to be imperfect self .. You, we all are best this way Deepu :)


This is a wonderfully evoked introspective. Shines the feeling through.


Well-written. There are times when we are forced to wear mask and it is not always to hide the real us.


Well penned.
This is one of your best one.
I don't know why but I am attracted to 'mask' one's jus like a magnet.
Take Care


amazing amazing write...what a beautiful composition...." wo afasana jise anjaam tak lana na ho mumkin, usey ek khoobsurat mod dekar choodna accha"....i loved the last verse "I don’t need a constant reassurance for you to be mine" ...amazing thoughts....very well penned


Hello Deepika,

Love the pic you have posted.. cool.. very deep thoughts in your poem.

Sorry i was busy with tax season.. visit was overdue.

Sabi Sunshine


Good imagery. You penned this very well. Thanks for sharing.


mask is a way to shield ur true self from the world...but sometimes it hinders our own view too...i havent read ur story maybe...but this poem is certainly a beautiful composition...:)


Pic and words work well together...


You take a difficult subject of self persona or those caricatures we create for ourselves and expound it astutely but also beautifully, with much compassion.

You begin with hints of an explanation, hidden, a mask is not meant to be sinister, though it may end up being so, but rather it is meant to hide us, protect us that which we do not wish to share, either because it is too precious to us OR from fear that no one would understand it. In this way if we are rejected, it is only a persona that is rejected and so that hurt or betrayal loses some of its sting.

I love the line silence over falsehood, so that the regret in projecting something, as opposed to just blending in, and offering nothing as another mask, something more subtle but also more sincere. I love the detailing of this portrait you paint for us. Very skillfully done.

I love how you use away from the world to capture that what she lost, by that mask that veiled her from the cruelty of the world it still managed to make her bleed, but the alienating aspect of the mask meant that no one offered her a balm, to heal her wounds.

Those justifications and questions of why she is singled out for harshness, there are worse crimes that hers. I love the penning of the lines, I had slit their wings, tied their feet
Caged in layers, drowned deep somewhere. Very primal and yet visceral too.

Then that hint of the why, You and me together. That persona we mould ourselves into to gain the love of a beloved, so that when it falls apart, we can not truly comprehend, did they reject me or the pretend me, that they wanted you to be? Silence over falsehood, stings all the more now. Subtly and very skillfully done.

I love the line, I don’t need another life of little more time. Beautifully composed. The line, I can see you, is very powerful, for it indicates that maybe they can not see her, that she has chosen to remain behind that mask, never unveiling herself to them, even though it might offer a new means to their love. She has chosen to remain rejected, embrace the unrequited love and stay the admirer from afar. In this way she keeps that whom she loves the most, treasures the most, herself, a secret unto herself, alone. It isn't selfishness or vanity or even arrogance BUT fear of true vulnerability.

Very powerful poem upon a difficult subject that you handle exceptionally well and keeping the reader engaged. I love the detailing of the person you create as well as the consequences of having a persona. The ending is shocking but all the more enlightening for it.

Excellently done. With love, Sabah


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