Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#14 Holiness of evil

One is the man, so is the body and soul
In every soul there exists a black hole
From where nothing escapes to the world
Some bitter truths, some secrets yet to unfold
There is some evil in every holy heart
And some holiness in every evil heart
No one lacks any of the two
This truth is yet to be accepted by you

You can run, you can hide
But you can’t deny the other side
Holiness and evil are parts of soul
There is nothing in it to reveal to all

Evil part makes you do what your senses want
Holy part lets you know what is right or wrong
The choice is yours’ whom to follow
You should do what your soul allow

Holiness has no meaning without evil
If there had been no evil no holiness could prevail
To have the real taste of winning
One should be familiar to feeling of losing

To know holiness you have to know evil
Self -experience can teach better of evil
Just go on exploring yourself
You might discover something better about self

Just listen what heart says
You’ll find thousand new ways
Don’t lose hope believe you’ll win
If you lose it, you’ll lose everything

Life is all about learning and winning
Either you win or you learn, losing is nothing
Learn new thing and walk ahead
Keep on learning until you’re dead

Recognize the holiness in evil
There is a long distance yet to travel…

A/N - Yet again, it was written way back in 2008, 
Phew.. but still, Criticism is welcome :)

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Holiness and Evil, well said, I loved this poem.. and thanks to wonderful bloggers of blogosphere..

--Someone is Special--


good and evil same coin rightly said .HNY


There is a little bit of heaven even on earth, and also some hell. That is why its sometimes called the purgatory. Something in between, and so are its inhabitants.

Happy New Year.

Blasphemous Aesthete


Deepika dear I guess in november I thought I'll take a break from blogging, I thought I'll be away for around three/four months, but see I couldn't stay away for long... And I am sure even you won't be able to :) Will miss you though... Have a great start of 2011... :)



you tried someting new and it has turned out WOWOW...
I liked the line Just listen to heart and find a thousand ways So true so very true...

Loved it
and hey thanks for the mention but Bikram would do whats this with SIR :)

take care and carry on writing such lovely poems Well done



Thanks! It's a pleasure knowing you too Deepika. Wish you a beautiful year ahead as well.

Liked the positivity in your post. Read somewhere that, we are a soul and have a body; and happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul. The more we believe, the more we achieve. And it is only at the darkest moments, we try to find a light. Focusing our energies can take us smoothly along the long way to success!

And as you rightly pointed out:
"Recognize the holiness in evil
There is a long distance yet to travel…"

One of the best I've read from you. Keep writing.


first of all.. congrats for getting it published in the blogazine..!!!
second of all- after reading this, i seriously dont consider myself meant even to comment on it..!! it is too much supreme..!!!!!!!
trust me..u r a damm brilliant writer..! n don't leave ths for jee.. though jee is imp bt ths is too good to be left..!! all the best...!!! n ur 2nd part will be there by sunday...!!! promise..!!


Hello Dear,
Wish You a very very Happy New Year! May God fulfil all your dreams. God Bless You!

Sabi SUnshine


aWEsome thoughts....
jst loved it...


Hey, Hi
Thought for the Soul??

Do come back...

The Silhouette...


"Holiness has no meaning without evil
If there had been no evil no holiness could prevail
To have the real taste of winning
One should be familiar to feeling of losing"

The above lines summed it all for me. Plain brilliance, there! :)

PS: A very happy new year, Deepika!


That is wonderful...quite a food for thought. Liked it.
Pleeeeeeeeeease keep writing. I love reading you. I don't always leave comment because i sometimes don't know what to say, but i have read and liked most of your posts.
Wish u a gr8 year ahead!!
Happy New Year.


smart highlights on life...

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Hope to see you in, Happy Sunday, best wishes for the year of 2011.
Bless you…



Very beautiful poem ♥
I really loved it....This poem is not just like another poems....Need to think a lot to write something like this...

Keep Writing :)

Happy Blogging!!


To have the real taste of winning
One should be familiar to feeling of losing....is so true.


Well! well!...actually i didn't enjoy it as your other posts...but your AN made is quiet clear...so its kind of well written but the verses are not in proper order...i mean they don't relate in some cases...as the second last stanza was good but almost out of context..but if this was your start back then, i would say very well begun....
its not a criticism but just my perception...i might be wrong...so Peace!!!


"There is some evil in every holy heart
And some holiness in every evil heart"..

I agree so much with you...
Enjoy :)


The only thing that is holy in this world in humanity. :)

Nice poem. :)


good poem
humanity is god and god is in humanity


Holiness and evil are 2 sides of the same coin...each of us has both...just the measure of both combined makes the difference in our attitudes and life paths...
happy new year....
see u around ;)


Nice one liked the lasr 2 lines. :)


absolutely phenomnal...awwed, acceting the trusth n nothn to reveal was s best part fr me :)...awesome


... nice poem ... superb !!


@Someone Is Special, sunwicked, Sabi Sunshine, Stranger, Arjit Srivastava, Shail, Jingle, Valli, Alka Gurha, Sumit Sarkar, Blognostic, sm, Rek, Ria, vineet, a truthmark- thanks for the visit and feedback.

@Blasphemous Aesthete- true, great lines.

@Tanvi-i guess i wud just try, though i can already see how successful i m being, still, i need a break. from everything.

@Bikramjit- i told u, sir is for respect.

@Sourav-thanku, its nice to have to hear something like this from a wonderful poet/writer himself.

@dhawal- this is for jee and some other reasons... but no, i m no way better than u dude. u are far more mature and experienced.

@The Silhouette- not a thought actually, i m noone to write about something whom i m not even familiar with.

@The Fallen Poet- yes, i agree, this is yet again something i wrote in blues... not a good state .


thanks but criusly..i said wat i truly felt like...!! u got an amazing talent..!!


@dhawal- in that case.. thank you for the kind words.. but yet again, there's a lot to learn from ppl around me, including u.


Well isn't this a beautiful piece! I loved it. Great style, rhyme scheme and flow. It actually sounds like something I would write...I may do a response to it or something just because of that! Stay tuned lol.


@multi_color_talent- will await ur reply post :)


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