Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#16 ...and she died again

Walking down the lanes

Clad in shabby, ragged coat
She preferred being solitary
She lived life in melancholy
Terrified of brutal world
Shielded beneath thick walls
Lay the crumbled heart
Embracing scratches of the past
Her innocence yet remained
Untouched, unscathed
World’s ruthless, so is life
She learnt and behold
She lived… a life of dead
And then, it happened
He blew in as fresh air
Like springs succeeded winters
Like flowers replaced snow flakes
Yet, her apprehensions took over
What if he too betrayed?
What if it’s another heart break?
“I came to guard not to offend,
To hold you mine, till the end”
Soothing cold on burnt soul
She gave into the sincere words
He took her to heights of glee
Of life, she flew and laughed
At last… she learnt to live
Fairy tales had taught her
Dreams of prince-charming
Who’ll kiss her to life
Wipe tears off her eyes
Did dreams ever come true?
They cease to turn into veracity
So did hers, broke with a clash
When actuality hit hard in face
“till the end” was a lie
Shattered yet again, she fell apart
Crying over what wasn’t meant
…and she died again
Would she ever fall in love again?
Maybe not now
Maybe not yet
But soon enough
When things are meant
Fault wasn’t his
For he came, he stayed
It was conspiracy of fate, they met
It was wish of almighty, it wasn’t meant

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So touchy Deepika... Hope she finds the right one this time... Hope she learns to smile all over again... :)
Beautiful... :)


Painfully beautiful.

It is a really intense piece of work.


Hmmm a beautiful poem but why do good people get betrayed again and again..

Wish her all the best ...

God bless



i was touched! pain and beauty... very lethal!

beautiful blog u ve here...


one of the hard times that each one of us has to face, once or maybe twice..but then merges a stronger and a more wiser person :)
nicely penned...keep up the good wrk deepika!



I hope its jus a fiction.


There will be spring again when a new seed of hope shall sprout. Of course it needs nurturing in this harsh chill, so a coat of protective defense is not at all a wrong decision.

Take Care,
Blasphemous Aesthete


Painfully true.. and yet a beautiful mirage.. its like a trap.. it lures her with all hope and later all she is left with is a broken heart.. Keep faith is all i can say to her... The broken heart will be mended some day.


Hey, Hi
Amazing. there are no more words for it...excellent storytelling.
Though there are places were a little thought would have made wonders, but nevertheless, such long posts are not easily conceived...
Just amazing...i would say, this is the best of your works i have read till date...

The Silhouette...


Oh babes! Why such sad poems! Sometimes I cannot bear the pain just 'coz I do not want to 'feel' it :) But a BEAUTIFUL piece of work!


“till the end was a lie"....how true. Or may be, false until one experiences a change:)


As with life so with love, I guess....True love may happen, may not last....but one keeps searching or at least dreaming but with band aids in hand....lovely one this.... ;)
Stick to your style whatever others may say....its what makes it unique...


love the image, well done.


This is very well-written. And yet, I think the fault was his. I hope she proceeds without bitterness, but with confidence that the Lord can restore her to full life.


I have no words...Beautiful heart touching poem...


The cycles of our emotions. Beautifully done.


Such powerful emotion written in your words.
Excellent poem.



yes... so often we die and die again without leaving and having to be born again to start again, to learn to live with all there is...


Hope she falls in love soon, this is moving


Love the clash of emotions. You took me through the various ups and downs of innocence lost and found...and lost again.


Life's lesson learned.. sad..


these were the first words after i finished thru this poem..!!!! *claps*claps*claps*


quite beautiful words out there..."conspiracy of fate"...

loved the end where the hope still shines :)


So hard to open and trust from such a place, and then to get hurt all over again. Sad, well expressed, beautifully written poem.


Yes sometimes one is helpless in the hands of destiny!! Well written.


For me it didn't count as a sad poem somehow..I tried to see but only came across a tint of sadness it was more of life and hope to me,
life led miserably yet with a forlorn hope that again the phase will pass and sun will shine!

You say fairy tales don't come true but yet you live one and fail to see more.

Beautiful and touching lines !!!

Take Care,


a sadness that gets me.
i too have asked myself:
will i ever be able to love again.
the answer varies.
nice piece.


welcome sharing your poems with our poetry potluck today..

you got talent, keep it up.


My God...that's so touching, so beautifully written...so poetic. How do you manage to write such lovely poems?
I was off from blogging since last few days. I am glad that I have read this post of yours. Loved it:)



I so much loved this one. :)


hi deepika...
this is beautifully expressed...almost stirring!
the games of the heart...even after we win we somewhere lose and after losing somehow we do end up being won...
wish things were simpler...sigh!
but poetically perfect this is:-)


Touched, I loved the way penned, beautiful, painful one..

Hats off Deepika..

Someone is Special


Why don't you link your works for Poetry communities?

Write more, I love your writings..

Someone is Special


Brilliant Deepika... :)
It reminded me of the novel 11 minutes by Paolo Coelho...


"And she died again,
to see the one she loved,
break her into pieces,
as if she was a toy,
to mould into shapes like a clay!"

Your poem was so beautiful that i just made up these lines... wonderful one!!! Happening second time! ;)



“I came to guard not to offend,
To hold you mine, till the end”
beautiful...dats it...


An incorrigible romantic you are :)))


...this meant much more then you expressed, am sure!


Greetings, Happy Monday! Blessings…

Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
Your poetry is unbeatable, share 1 to 3 at our week 19 potluck today..
Thanks for the support, You Rock!


I'd like to quote a few lines from the short story Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore, which I think will probably be apt to the theme of your poem.

O poor, unthinking human heart! Error will not go away, logic and reason are slow to penetrate. We cling with both arms to false hope, refusing to believe the weightest proofs against it, embracing it with all our strength. In the end it escapes, ripping our veins and draining our heart’s blood; until, regaining consciousness, we rush to fall into snares of delusion all over again.


@tanishka- right one? Hmm.. if that exists she’ll find him someday. And yes u r first :)

@alcina- intense and pain go along… Thanks for coming here

@Bikram- Its not that good ppl get betrayed.. It’s like the one who trust easily, specially the wrong person, get betrayed. If ppl choose to be little more conscious of trusting then there will be lesser betrayals.

@rachit- thanks for the visit.

@matankgi mawley- Thanks for the visit and the kind words.

@subtlescribbler- sarah, that’s one right thing u have said, we evolve as e get hurt, bear pain.. We learn with all the kicks life has in store for us.. And the evolution is better for everyone.. We become more mature
@neeha- yes, it’s just a fiction :)

@anshul- the thick walls are for protection of the injured and newly sprouted seed.. Once it has regained the life and became stronger the walls will crumble down themselves, when they will no longer be needed.

@k!ts- its just a fiction… even if its true.. I would say she deserved the heart-break, for she trusted some stranger so easily when she already knows the world is full of deceivers.. She deserved it, she herself called for the betrayal.

@The silhouette- Best one.. Not in my opinion. This is one of the self-hated one I ever wrote.

@tanvii.com- sad.. oh yea, I m one hell of a pessimist, sorry for the depressing story over here but whenever I write I have this stupid blues… or maybe, when I have blues.. I write :)

@Nehha N josshi- Its true, in this world of liars.. ,till the end will always be a lie!

@rek- thanks for the kind words.. yes, I’ll be the way I m… rightly said- true love may happen but may not last.. But the search has to go on unless we find the ‘one’ or meet ‘the end’

@jingle- that image is my favorite one, don’t know why I made it the title image of this one.

@jim swindle- :) thanks for the visit.. your words are so full of inspiration…

@valli- thanks valli :)

@anthonynorth- thanks for the visit.

@eileen t o’neill- Thank you so much.. :)

@dulce- thanks for the visit… yes, the life is cycle of repetitions until we set ourselves to evolve with the time.

@kodjo deynoo- hope she never falls in love again.. she’s stupid enough to get betrayed again.

@nunee- life.. is the biggest roller coaster if one is set to get hurt and yet fall again, hoping to find a way out.

@booguloo- lessons are hard.. and learning is painful. Thanks for the visit.


@dhawal- sigh.. if only this was mere poetry I would have gone up in the sky. Thanks though.

@tess Kincaid- thanks for the visit.

@beyond horizon- Poonam ji, welcome here :)
Hope is the only way out.. Isn’t it? Otherwise the cruelty of life is unbearable by some.. hope keeps the faith alive.

@willow- thanks for the kind words… and thank you for the visit.

@ria- thanks for visiting.. :)

@fatima- maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s not always the sadness.. it’s the hope and a will to overcome the phase.. hmm.. life has to move on na…

@andreas- oh.. sorry if I have been depressing people out there.. and varying answer not because of u or something because of u.. its because of the ppl u meet. Once u meet the right ones, you’ll be sure of what to choose.

@JP- thank you :)

@shail- thank you for the words.. I don’t manage to write, writing manages to find me.. Good to see u back :)

@<3duchess<3- thanks for visiting.

@sunakshi- thanks for visiting dear one.. m glad u like it.

@suruchi- thanks suruchi, your visit gave a kind of glee. Games of heart… sigh. Can’t understand.

@SIS- thanks, your feedback inspires.. :)
Yes, I do link to poetry communities.. but not that often for I m not that good at being punchual and I don’t write that often.

@Sumit Sarkar- yupp, it has resemblance to that novel..

@Tanvi-"And she died again,
to see the one she loved,
break her into pieces,
as if she was a toy,
to mould into shapes like a clay!"

she died for him too see her fall apart
but nothing bothered him,
neither her tears nor her pain.
he moved ahead stepping on the pieces of her heart.

@Unruly Rebel- thanks for the visit..

@sm- thanks.

@Purba- incorrigibly pessimist i would prefer.

@Sourav- don't know..

@JP- thanks :)

@Sayak- very apt and one of the best piece of literature. very true. Thanks for the visit :)


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Someone is Special


ohhh...lovely....cud relate to this :)...beautiful...beautiful penning!!


one of the most perfect pieces of coherence I have come across so far, U write as if, ur pen and heart are talking to each other...
Its a rare quality that only one in a million possess
U won a fan, :D


Hi deepika ,good heartfelt poem.Yes nobody can escape the 'conspiracy of fate'.Hm..so 2 times heart broken ..:)


Was trying to find the romantic car. And came across this poem. It's beautiful Deeps!


Its lovely and amazing :)
Great work!


Nice touching poetry:)


I love the contradictory nature of that first line, walking down the lane. For in the actual sense it would seem easy, going downhill BUT in the literal sense to reminisce can be one the most difficult things to do. Finely noted.

I love the themes through the first verse. She isn't adorned in her attire but rather is clad, something that protects the wearer. Shabby, maybe for two reason, firstly it has been in much use, for the harshness of the world OR that its appearance is in itself a protection, for in a world where beauty reigns, no one would pay her much attention. Either way, she gets her wish, to remain solitary. However those last lines, I can not comprehend whether she has been affected into her woeful state or if the world has infected her by its cruel spirit. Nicely done, beautiful layering.

I love the line, embracing scratched of the past. The manner she finds a connection to that which those walls keep away from her, to feeling something for them, through scratches, through something negative. She finds a connection through feeling, even if it is harsh or cruel. Innocence remaining so that she doesn't fully comprehend, maybe because she hasn't tried to understand. I mean who would want to?

Beautiful twist. In poetry most often we find summer then the fall BUT you bring in the spring after winter. It is very much natural, for life is a circling pattern BUT in art it is very rare. Nicely done.

I love the lines he uses, he is kindred, like those rags she wears close to her, something that would lend a hand in guarding that what is most precious. I really like the line, soothing cold on burnt soul. The vivid contrast of something subtle, soft against something parched, scorched. It also highlights the effect of something so faint upon something that should be beyond feeling, let alone repair IF done with sincerity. Excellent imagery.

Died again. I liked this notion, of death before life and death again. Like life that springs forth from nothingness, from darkness of a seed towards light and life and then back again. Nicely done.

With much love, Sabah


Great piece of work dear!!

I just loved the poem.. The way you penned the emotions, the pain... Beautiful... I could Picture the scene but with a specific person in my mind..


this was beautiful!! i can always relate to skepticism towards love. i could totally relate to this. except for i've never had my heart completely broken like she has.. not yet at least. when you wrote this, did you have any specific person in mind? ;;)


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