Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#12 Not in love

A/N- This was scribbled almost 2 years back, kindly ignore the silliness, mushiness..
Umm.. better ignore the whole post...


It’s just that, sometimes you come in my dreams

It’s just that, sometimes you don’t lemme sleep
Sometimes I think of you, sometimes I don’t
Sometimes I miss you, some times I don’t
When I see you I literally shake
People around me think I am a freak
Oh no! I am not in love with you
It’s just that wherever I see, I see "you"…

Someone is ruling my dreams and thoughts
Someone’s name dominates everything I wrote
When I see some one, my heart rate goes high
When I talk to him, I swear I can touch the sky
Someone is remembered all the time
Wishes are made for him to be fine
Oh no! I am not in love with you
It’s just that the “someone” is you…

All I need is someone to care
Someone who holds my hand and says “I m always there”
Someone with whom I can always talk and share
Some one who’ll love me like a lover not a player
Someone on whom I can always rely
Someone who can make me smile even when I cry
Oh no! I am not in love with you
It’s just that I wish the “someone” is you…

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Hope that you find your someone...Beautiful thoughts.


nice one dear...full of innocence and love....why to ignore?


I'll read it, for one reason. The moonlight girl, the pic you have used, it has been my favourite from I don't remember when.

Regarding the poem, I think you could sing it sometimes, not just recite it.

Blasphemous Aesthete


Hey, Hi
Well, when i read that you scribbled it almost a couple of years back, i was looking forward to it. The very silliness and mushiness that you said would be there, i was waiting to read it. No special reason though. But when i read it, i knew. The nostalgia that hit me...the wave of deja vu.
Coming to your post, a heart so much in love, but being held back by the practicality of the mind. Hmmm...The last line of each stanza, was like the final nail driving it through. Nice one. A couple of malignancy, but not so important.
Overall, nice read, like i said in the beginning, nostalgic.

The Silhouette...


That was very mushy and childish but I won't deny any of these things... cute and sweet :)



Someone with whom I can always talk and share
Some one who’ll love me like a lover not a player

Someone on whom I can always rely
Someone who can make me smile even when I cry.....

Awesome lines I feel the same way...


love the way you convey your message....
brilliant poetry.


End of The Year Awards 4 Friends of Jingle or Jingle Poetry Community

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xxx

keep up the excellence,

link up to 3 poems to our potluck tomorrow, give us the cheers to continue...


That was so sweet:) I just loved the innocence yet the expectation thats held back and love that waiting to unfurl its petals !:)Lovely !:)


What a write up... Awesome!

But fa me only i wana change one particular line..
Instead of 'Oh no! I am not in love with you'
I'l say 'Woww! I am in love with you'

Nywz keep posting:)


I am sure one day you will have the one who gives you all you want and deserve ...

I loved the poem it is beautiful



absolutely innocent write....i loved the dilemma here...the silliness, mushiness...everything overpowers the sane...sometimes...and this is what is happening here....very well written...good pen

PS..thanks for the comments on my blog..i really really appreciate tha


very sweet...flowing words create a soft rythmn....mushiness and notes on love tend to go hand in hand.... :)


It’s just that wherever I see, I see "you"…

^........**Sigh...I don't even want to comment on this poem...at least not in detail..there's too many thoughts that ran through my mind while reading this. I hate your vividness.


...amazing poem, great submission to the pantry


You write beautifully my dear. I hope that 'someone' knows its 'you'! :)


very well written poem.....!!

LOVE ....???? i dont know !!

Jai Ho Mangalmay Ho


Hope you have met that special someone on your way..


this si sweet and dont delete it haha! mines here- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/23/painted-hallways/


A very nice poem full of honesty and longing.
Nicely written.

Best wishes, Eileen


She has stars in her eyes and sighs in her dreams :)


Beautiful poem ! many emotions are there...
but why to deny and ignore love....

loved it :)


i love this post....
mere blog par bhi kabhi aaiye waqt nikal kar..
Lyrics Mantra


Oh, that's beautifully penned.. will be back.. came through JP..


someone is a damm hell of a lucky person....
wish he knew abt this...!! :P
amazing yaar..!!!


..wonderful piece of poetry..
..u always write ur heart out..n dat flows intensely thru ur words...
..keep it up.. :) ;)
...waiting fr ur next poem...
..once again..amazing!!...


Beautiful poem..
Keep writing :)


Beautiful piece of writing, love it!
Take care


Oh so beautiful. I know this feeling of uncertain love.

My Poetry Pantry entry:


I bow down and salute your poetry...
Powerful emotions...and they deeply touched me.. :)

"Some one who’ll love me like a lover not a player"...
I like that you wrote this...


@shail- thanku for the feedback..

@alka gurha- thanku ma'am for the feedback..

@saumya- thanks .. well, it wasn't worth it i guess.

@anshul- even i like that girl, the serenity and innocence she beholds is ethereal...

@the silhouette- i would take it as a compliment.. thank you for the feedback..

@tanvi- anything from u is welcome.. :)

@vineet verma- thank you for the feedback.... it means a lot.

@jp- m glad you guys visited.

@adreamygal- aww.. thanks.

@Suresh Wadhwani- hehe... let it be the way it is... "no! i m NOT in love" ;-)

@bikram- that was soo sweet.. thanku for the feedback.. :)

@The Fallen Poet- thank you for the feedback.... m glad i m able to show the way it is.

@sh@s, redchair, sm- thank you for the feedback..

@rek-thank you for the feedback.. and for your words :)

@Kodjo Deynoo. BSc- emotions can never be old enough to 'age' and never young enough to not be felt my the youth... its everlasting and important... for human survival as well as soul survival... what will be a world without emotions?... a logic box no better than computer?... pity on that kind.. i prefer a life full of ups and downs and full of emotions.. yet again thank you for the feedback.. you can't wrote unless u 'feel' it..

@oilunderneath-hate my vividness?.. wow!.. thats something new to know :)

@tanvii.com- thanku.. *blush*.

@विवेक Call me Vish !!- hmm.. even i m clueless what it is... do lemme know when u know it somehow.. thank you for the feedback..

@Rashmi-well, not yet.. thank you for the feedback..

@fiveloaf-thank you for the feedback..

@Eileen T O'Neill .....-thank you for the wishes and your feedback..

@Purba-sighs coz the dreams are too good to be true..

@Fatima- umm.. i don't know the answer.. still.. thank you for the feedback..

@harman- ji zaroor.. abhi lijiye.

@Ramesh Sood- thank you for the feedback.. will look forward to ur further visits.

@Jazzy E (hivennn)-thank you for the feedback..

@dhawal- nopes.. i wish he never gets to know abt this.. not before i die..

@riggs- hey thanks buddy, i always wait for ur feedback, for it means a lot. :)

@Valli- thank you for the feedback..

@Marinela- thanku for the visit and comments.. i appreciate that.

@Rachel Hoyt- love it or hate it.. u can't escape it.

@Sumit Sarkar- oh.. no need for that.. its not worth it... your words made me doubt my own opinion of deleting this post... anyways thank you for the precious feedback.


U will get your dream someone. Nice poem.


Beautiful thought :-)
Cheers :-)


Lovely Post... beautifully written...loved it the core...

P.S: You ll be seeing me around :)

And Merry Christmas to you too...


Beautiful post dear ,the words "someone", makes me so happy, my kind of poem, wonderfully written..

--Someone is Special--


@jagdish bali-thanks for stopping by

@iambeingme- thank you

@Whats in a name ???- what could i ask more for? thank you

@Someone Is Special- m so glad to see u here :)


Ohhhhhh my my....

Just Awesome B'ful <3


@sachinkraj- thanku for the visit


"When I see you I literally shake
People around me think I am a freak"

Cute. Amusing. Well I accept, I chuckled. But the sentiments behind the post got through.


@mangoman- thank u for the visit.


Beautiful poem. I read it before but not sure if I commented.


@A- thank you for visiting:)


I wish could I could praise this in words.....
i can't..
Its amazing....
The purity of a girl's heart is vividly visible...
The way you glide along it is exceptional...
i can go on and on...
thank you so much Deepika :)


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