Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#13 Ignorance - ain't a bliss

Hatred is accepted with a bow,
But not the way thou overlook,

Of all the things that mean to thou,
Mine exsistance ain't worth a mention,

Useless, unworthy and trashed
Avoided, ignored and smashed,

I die, I die, I die every moment,
Knowing I ain't needed anymore,

I behold, keep intact, still a hope,
One day will rise, when thou,

Might notice my absence,
Might need me the way I do,

I'll wait, I'll wait,
As long as I can behold,

Despise, dislike even make me cry,
But never ignore till I die...
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Hey, Hi
You have portrayed a beautiful thought here...And the style of writing is quite different too...
What takes away the charm from it is the repetition...other than that, only one flaw i would say, but like your previous post, not so important...many would fail to notice it too...
good read..beautiful read i would say...

The Silhouette...


100% with you.. its not always a bliss... one shud always try to learn more

and dont say like that , sad poem that you aint needed .. YOU REMEMBER what you prom,ised me on my blog in one of my comments ... REMEMBER :)

but see i am still commenting ...



Yes one should try to learn, for life is in a constant change of paradigm


We all have our place in the sun...


Very powerful...
The ending is excellent :)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance...


pain and despair was pretty evident in the write...i love such writes...its pretty good...very well penned


Loved the last two lines..:'(
It is so sad to be ignored...especially when ignored by someone we love the most...


hey really a nice poetry........and its really tru.......
Ignoring by sm1 we luvs is more painful den living widowt hem/her.........


he might not be the luckiest... but he is hell of one for whom u wrote this!
awesome girl!!


Powerful Package... I agree with you completely..

--Someone is Special--


I agree with each word that you said here..


Dark? Yes... on such eve, why?
The lines were true and honest coming out of a lovelorn heart..

Merry X'mas!



ask me,ignorance is bliss...:P


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Ignorance is bliss but being ignored isn't. May be, right? :)

Hope you had a good holiday!


And somtimes, it is like in this song:

I don't wanna know it's over
So save your goodbye kiss
I don't wanna know it's over
Cause ignorance is bliss
I can hardly see
What's in front of me
Cause the vodka's running on empty
I can't stay sober
If it's over
(I don't wanna know)

Blasphemous Aesthete


Hatred no doubt is
a bitter pill to swallow...
Indifference is a bottomless pit
where darkness is might
and no holds to clutch in sight.

True words were never written
than what thou has penned...


Or maybe it's time to move on???


hey.. first of all lovely words that starts with your blog intro. Seems M.L.K is your favorite one. Keep it up. !


Ignorance has never yielded anything


You shouldn't wait if someone keeps ignoring.


"Do not worry about the people in your past,there is a reason why they did not make it to your future"...isn't this easier said than living with the feeling of being ignored...but I believe the worst of all is ignoring yourself:)...it is all a matter of time...God has given everybody his/her share of pie:)


I hope the person realizes the worth soon.
Beautifully written.


@The Silhouette- analyzing is important and u do it well, please let me know other flaws too so that i can try to improve in future.

@Jingle Poetry- divine.. maybe not. but truth it is.

@Bikramjit- oh oh... i remember my promise. i m not talking abt sui... umm, the forbidden word. (sshh!) its a truth, ignoring is the first thing that stresses a relation and should never co-exist with love.

@Kodjo Deynoo. BSc- only thing constant in life is -change... hmm.

@Alka Gurha- right.

@Sumit Sarkar- your words mean a lot.

@The Fallen Poet- hmm.. i appreciate the feedback.

@Valli- it si.. btw thanks for the visit. i appreciate the feedback.

@ankita nagori- madam ji, m so glad to see u here... thanku *hug*

@Disillusioned guy- thanku for the visit, i appreciate the feedback.

@Someone Is Special- powerful.. thanku.

@Sourav C. Pandey- thanku.

@Tanvi- lovelorn .. yes, that i m :(.

@Madhu- ignorance is only blissful to species who create it.

@Jingle-i'll try to there.

@tanvii.com- oh.. yes, being ignored isn't but ignorance can be.. yes agree.

@Blasphemous Aesthete- yet again, ignorance, i don't wanna know whats obvious.

@Rek- oh.. thats so true. thanku for ur kind words..

@Purba- don't know why but i believe.. we can never move on..

@Shantanu- its not MLK or anyone lese.. words are what i like in that phrase, no matter who said/wrote it. thanku for the kind visit, :)

@Pesto Sauce-true!

@Komal Ali- what if the person is all we need?

@Raksha Bhat- u just raised some lowered spirits.. thanks :)

@Sh@s- thanku for the feedback.


Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)
Loved you blog. And the words are beautiful! Very powerful.. :)


ignorance is a bliss only till its limited to a certain time span. and indeed, dying away like that if what even i m afraid of...aroused my conciousness. good work :)



will depend on situation


@Mademoiselle Deva- powerful.. umm.. not sure. but truth it is.

@Preeti- ur blog helped me a lot.. thnx! :)

@Sai - BloggerStop- thanks for the help divya.. it looks better now :)

@ruchika- tu kahe hass rahi??

@sarah- thanks for visiting buddy. :)

@sm- hmm.. maybe.


I agree, though sometimes I do feel it is:)


I am with you. Sometimes we just want to see part of the truth :))

Happy New Year Deepika.


Very interesting n different post. :D Wish u a very happy new year.

This comment has been removed by the author.

hatred , dislike can be dealt with but indifference is never easy,...it hurts the most... nice post !


@Nehha N Josshi- thanks for dropping by.

@A- ignorance.. its like lying to ourself.. ain't it?

@Ria- thank u coming here.

@chatterbox unplugged-hmm.. indifference kills.


one hell of a brilliant creation yaar..!!! seriously brilliant..!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


True..it ain't a bliss always...but sometimes to move ahead it helps :)


Agreed to this poem quite well...Ignorance ain't a bliss all the time...it's better to move on rather than wait the endless wait....

And I guess this is my last comment from this account as I'm deleting my account...2-3 times plagiarism in a row and now I'm scared of publishing my work on my blog..hence deleting it...

Keep Writing,


Deeps,its BEAUTIFUL...and heart -wrenching too...
keep 'em coming girl..


I loved the subtle tweaking of the title, that one doesn't truly understand until the last line is read. Cleverly done.

I loved the composition of the first line, very eloquent. The manner we grant even hate a certain amount of propriety that isn't granted to manners in ignoring a person, thereby making it all the more demeaning. Very acute insight.

I loved how you group, useless, unworthy both inward feelings, personal and end them with trashed, something done to the person. Then in the second verse you use avoid and ignore, those things done to the person, and end with smashed, that resultant feeling found within the person. This grouping made me focus on your construction and thereby elevated above a mere list of sentiments. Skillfully done.

I loved the rhythm of I die, I die, I die, like days, moments passing by, a life being diminished and quietly lost. Very poetic.

I loved that fact you use behold, to see something, in terms of her hope. As long as she can perceive it, despite others around her not being able to do so, she will keep it lit. It could be seen as sad, that she holds on to delusions, but then again it can be seen as courageous, holding on when most would have let go. Truly it is worse when hope gains less.

I loved the echo of I'll wait, that resilient, impulsive nature that fights on despite that thud of heartache found within her life affirming heartbeat. Finely done.

Wonderful composition, insightful and well thought out. With love, Sabah


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