Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#2 Where heaven lies...

(Dedicated to mom-dad, people who mean more than anyone else.)

They spent their life in nourishing me
Now it’s my turn to pay the fee
I’ll turn all their sorrows in smile
I won’t let them feel lost for a while
Every happiness will be kissing their feet
In my life, they own the highest seat
To me my parents mean before god
I am grateful to them for what I ever got
A place where they’ll get the deserved respect
Where they’ll get whatever they aspect
They’ll no more suffer any ruse
I won’t let them lose
I’ll serve them till I am alive
Its nothing, I owe them my life
A life is worth living only with an aim
My aim is to earn my parents’ fame
I’ll live upon their dreams
I’ll flood their lives with happiness streams
They deserve even more then that
and I won’t ever take my words back…

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Nice.... Parents are our best gifts of god :)

Wonderful words..

"Happy Diwali to you and your family"



seriously awesome... the best feel and the best emotion of all ur writings so far..!!! really liked it..!!! its simply inexplicably feel-good..!! :) :)


No words to describe !
It's a wonderful poem...with so many emotions...
glad to have read it !

but then there's this one thing that troubles me..will I ever become an ideal child ?


@tanvi-belated happy diwali to u too. :) and thanku.

@dhawal- :) all i can say is the emotions are the beauty itself. keep them true and expressive... life will be beautiful.

@fatima- u know the thing that matters is... thought. if u r thinking that u wanna do good for ur parents... the thought alone is enough. coz this proves u wud anything u can for them.



You earned more respect from me today. Your poem is a mirror of your beautiful heart. God Bless you Deeps. May you fulfil all your parent's dreams and your dreams.

Parents are child's strength and one day the same child becomes parent's strength, parent's pride.

Beautiful poem....very inspiring!


Welcome to blogosphere!

I love the header of your blog... words do matter, but many a times ppl don't understand that.

You write very well! All the best and stay in touch!



it was beautiful, actually made me cry!
btw nice blog!
~Rue (hope u remember me :))


@Archana- thanku di!... ur words mean to me a lot. :)

@Restless- thanks for the welcome. yupp, surely will be in touch :)

@Rue- thanku rue... hmm. I do have a idea who u r but not yet sure ^_*


Hats off..u won my heart..perfect!!!Parents r most important in our life next to God..Beautiful!!!ur writing is as always splendid..loved it!!!Hugs.
Keep writing more..poems..I told u write awesome!!
Thank u for writing..and keeping creativity flowing.


i love u honey... enough to say that i took the courage to make this site only for u.


Hey Deepika thanks for the post.
I believe: If God is great, (Amma, Aai, Amme, Maa, Mom, Mummy................is also great!)
God bless you baby. Keep blogging.


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"How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it" - Mark Twain