Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#1 Real image of my soul

Giggling all the time
Always being so fine;
No one saw my true face
Since I show its no trace;
Don’t go by my smile, it can be fake
My life is a mystery as a deep lake;
Deep inside there lies a broken heart
That still has scratches made by some in past;
So true was my love and care
But they did hurt me with their betray;
All I need was loyalty in relation
Instead I died before reaching my destination;
One fine day I hope they'll come back
May be that day I may not feel their lack;
Now I lie in this silent world with all the manly desires
Dreams are not always future reality; they'll burn in cruel world’s fire;
With every second the situation is becoming unbearable
But I know it would end with life making it miserable;
The smile is not always the sign of happiness
Sometime it’s used to hide the real thing;
It’s a secret; don't reveal it to the foul
Yes, this is the real image of my soul...

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Nice yaar... actually many who claim to be happy lie to themselves... there is a void. They fool themselves into believing, but they can't fool the conscience..

But though you don't show it, atleast you do accept it.
Girl this phase will end, you'll be free someday :)



its beautiful and touching... but sad.

"The smile is not always the sign of happiness
Sometime it’s used to hide the real thing"

loved the line.


very beautifully written..!!! simple and nice flow of words with all the feel intact..!!! the only thing is that dun let ths poem apply to reality..!! :) :)


I tried a shanty with the fool to find my pace
Anything from puns to jests to intertwine our ways

But there was no loyalty to hope
And funny the need for mercy
How it makes us bleed all mercy, now

This is what they said, this is what I'd tell...


Beautifully written..and expressed...
life is as such only,

It’s a secret; don't reveal it to the foul
Yes, this is the real image of my soul..



@tanvi- i agree. everyone does have a depressed side created because of some unfulfilled dreams... but we must never let that side take its toll. it will ruin everything, even the merry memories. but yet again, at the same time, we must recognize and accept both the sides of ourselves.
yes the phase will end :)


@dhawal- yes sure. never let this side take the toll. just recognizing and accepting it is enough. :)

@Blasphemous Aesthete- life takes tests. one after another. all we have to do is keep on trying for the present test, take lessons from past and prepare for future.
thats life. BTW nice verse and true.



Bestie I told ya u have a poet in u girl!!u rock superb!!Loved it and very true...why do I feel I know this soul?


oh really?... no, i don't think u know this soul :P


Hi Deepika
I studied and lived for a long time in Chandigarh-still consider it my city.
Your poetic expressions arise from deep feelings.
Keep blogging!


Deeps...everyone goes through ups and downs in life... but those are the things which make our soul shine. The real image of the soul is pure and serene like calm water... reflecting back every image that falls on it.

It's true, not all the dreams turn into reality. But new dreams replace the old ones and happy times come back.

Beautiful poem...very touching. But I guess I have already told you this ;)



@varsha- thanks :)

@archana di- "but those are the things which make our soul shine" that touched. u r right. we do go from ups and downs... thats life


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"How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it" - Mark Twain