Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#4 Nothing but a thought.

Not a poem, not a verse... just a random thought.

Smoke from the Anmol candles factory after the fire was extinguished- Hindustan times. 31 October, 2010.

I saw the burning 
I saw the loss
I saw my dreams on fire

I saw them mourning
I saw them weep
It killed my all desires

Slowly steadily, over the years
We made our small world
One click- it's a history

Maybe it was meant to be
Maybe it's the wish of destiny
Fate, well it's a mystery

Maybe not now
Maybe not yet
But soon enough

We will grow
We will rise
We will create a new ancestry.

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Being Optimistic is a great thing..
Keep it up:)


'ancestry', wow... you intend to have a legacy....nice!!


very very nice..!!! I mean it simply gave such a nice feel to read..!! Awesome work yaar!!! :)



First few lines made me sad when I read them first time. But I'm glad that the strength and optimism came back at the ending lines.

Sincerely written and very well written indeed.



hey! read two of ur poems and both convey ur optimistic spirit. keep it up :)
ur poems are well written. keep blogging mate, me too a newbie to d blogging world :)


..we all were created to rise...
..to rise against all d odds...
..to rise against all d obstacles dat life gifts us..
..heard of d story of d phoenix..its a mythical bird wen nearin its end..builds itself a nest of twigs which den ignites,both nest n d bird burn fiercely n r reduced to ashes,from which a new young phoenix or phoenix egg arises,reborn again to live again. ...
..ur poem reminds me of d story of d phoenix...
...it was very good n wid oodless of optimism..
..keep it up...
..n keep writing.. :) ;)


It rings.. :)
Very nicely penned.. I just would say you its all pre-planned..

Nice one!



gud one...
We shall overcome someday..



@neeha- yes it is. though i try to be but haven't succeeded yet.

@fatima- thanku

@anshul- yes, everybody does. for the things we lost either we try to regain or get something better... thats life. accept and move on

@dhawal- thanku. the feel while writing has some incident behind it, would tell sometime.

@archana di- i wud just say, u know it all.

@sarah- welcome here, thanku, i keep on trying being optimistic. maybe it'll make some differce one day.

@riggs- in life we must try to be like that phoenix, try until either u succeed or u r dead. thanku for reminding of that, it inspired.

@tanvi- its destiny, pre-planned and un-challenged.

@thanku. u reminded the song.. we shall overcome someday... very apt.


nice words and lines .....
and thnx for dropping by and being a follower...hope ur frequent visits...


really loved this one....your poems are very realistic and touch a chord...thanks for your comment too... ;)


When dreams / desires burn, they leave a trail of tears (which dont come) and indifference (we get hurt but it doesnt hurt anymore) ... Been there many times.

Lovely poem.. or thoughts, as u put them :)



Got your link from your comment. Read all current poems. Very engrossing. One on parents was so heart touching. Be positive is what I always say and that is what you brought in this one.

Take care


nice one..really nice one.:)


@rohini- i really liked ur place, nice thing to read. :)

@songwords- :)

@mayank- hmm.. also dreams when die, tell the reality.. not every dream comes true... not every wish is fulfilled. life is full of imperfections.

@Jack- thanku sir :) i appreciate ur suggestions

@purba- :)

@nowhereboy- thanku.


Well if this is jsut a random thought then just imagine how beautiful it would be if you thought bout it

Very nice :)



thanks for follwing me..really well written./.:)


@bikramjit- :)

@madhu- my pleasure.


<3 it
"How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it" - Mark Twain

<3 dis too


.. and only these imperfections make life worth living. A perfect world will be a disaster... there wont be any dreams.. broken or fulfilled...


@sunny- yupp.. i m fan of twain.

@mayank- u r right, some unfulfilled dreams and some things unknown keep us going.


A beautifully written poem - thank you for writing on this topic - to remind us of those who were lost.



A strong poem of mixed emotions. Sadness and loss together with a desire to arise again.
Fire is well captured in your words!

Best wishes, Eileen


I like that you ended it on an up note~
Sadness n' despair...your poem, had it all~


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"How little a thing can make us happy when we feel that we have earned it" - Mark Twain