Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#3 Love isn't the thing I do

Love isn't the thing i do
Just don't presume that i ever loved you...
If i am around i don't stare at you
My heartbeat stays stable whatever you do...

My cheeks don't flush when you smile
You aren't in my fantasy even for a while...
I don't imagine you cuddling on my bed
There is everything but you in my head...

Your image is far from what i dream
I know its not love even if it seems...
My heart doesn't ache when you move far
There is nothing that i relate to be "our"...

your face never appeared when i shut my eyes
Nor i felt you beside when i rise...
I never had any feelings for you
Don't you dare imagine that i ever loved you...

Neither i did, nor i'll ever do
Love is certainly not the thing i do... 

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This was awesome!!!!

Well am not used to doing that many exclamations part, but this is worth keeping with me.
I like it!


very nice..!! simply sweet.. and touching..!!
Quite an ironic way to write a love poem..!!


Why? I mean thats the only thing came to my mind after reading it.. Is it because he won't ever understand? Are you pretending to not fall for him when you actually have?

Nice lines nonetheless sad..


Stay hungry, Stay foolish!!!


Hey Deepika...Nice...very sweet..
are u pretending not to fall for him?
I think it is ur way of expressing ur love.
lovely !!


hey this is nice unique and nice


scared of loving gal!
nice blog :)




hey thanks for visiting me ..

Well my question is BUT WHY.. you only live once might as well go and expereicne Love too, as long as one is sensible and true , It should be a good experience ..

Loved the poem though i can understand the turbulence in mind and heart shud i , shud i not..

but its you and only you who can answer that :)



Hey you from chandigarh ... wowo ME too



Great poem..liked the different angle in which u r showing the things..keep going!!


Hmm..Deeps, I must say this is different and surprising. But I loved it. How ironic that every line says that I never loved you...yet it secretly says I loved you enough to write a poem about it.



Love is the only thing I do...I am a lover.

liked the poem ...nice blog too :)



Its denial and revenge. Slowly and gradually, it turns to indifference and the pain doesnt matter. Indifference leads us to building higher n higher walls around us .... The good side? One who cares to break even those to reach us, truly loves us.


Well penned..
Visting your blog first time..simple and great..


Hey, Hi...

a beautiful denial i would say, the irony is way too strong for someone to overlook...

The Silhouette...


^thanks. its nothing as compared to ur skills.


i would say, i am nothing..i never was...your words have a freshness about them, always keep it so.


Lovely blog and poem. Words and feelings that I can certainly relate to.


Hehe,it seems as though You are running away from someone who is stalking you... Though I can see a rueful undertone to your poem,it strikes a beautiful emotional chord there.. Congrats...:)


this could be heart breaking for someone...this is the only poem i've ever read about" i don't love you" because i simply don't, i mean no other reason...this is amazing....otherwise all others are either filled with remorse or rememberances...very well written


@the fallen poet- no, actually its everything but a 'not-in-love' type.. its sarcastic but actually, deeply and secretly means that 'sshh.. i do love u'


Ohh..sorry...i am a novice in that matter :)...thanks for the clarification...


@Blasphemous Aesthete- wow! i m glad u liked it. thanku. :)

@Dhawal- yupp a LOT ironic to be called a love poem... but them i wanted it that way. in denial yet knowing and accepting.

@Tanvi- umm.. maybe... I don't know if he wud understand or not. Maybe She's too scared to accept it already. Its about confusion and Denial.

@Shail-thanku. yes, its a little pretense, little denial and lot of confusion... thanks again

@Rue- thanku Rue. i really appreciate ur comments :)

@harry- thanku

@bikramjit- hmmm.. i agree with ur pov... and yes i m from chandigarh too.

@honey- thanku m glad u took out time to read it. it means a lot

@archana di- yes, i agree, it says all in sarcasm. i love enough to write this

@rainboy-thanku. tc u too

@mayank-yes, thats right. only the ones who care enough will take pains to reach us and break those walls.

@neeha- thanks

@The Silhouette- thanku

@Bernadine- its good for me if u can relate.

@karthik- stalking.... no, its like i m stalking someone. :P

@TFP- ;))... its fine. i meant to confuse people out there ..


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