Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

#9 Everlasting shadows

(dedicated to all my friends)

Our paths collided we met
That time was amazing, not to forget
Friends, the memories you gifted
Are the hardest things to live with

I miss you when I have chips
I miss you when I take cold drink sips
I miss the class we shared
I miss the days we didn’t cared

Together we sang songs for long
Now they seem lifeless to sing alone
Small fights and big smiles
Criticizing like small kids for a while

Teasing for even a smile of a guy
Wiping each other’s tears when they cry
Being the counselor for the one depressed
Flattering teachers to make them impressed

All the fun restricted to last bench
Attacking canteen in break, for lunch
Together we played ‘truth or dare’
Shouting in midst “that’s not fair”

Standing with hands up till teacher felt mercy
Gossiping about any current hearsay
Walking carefree with broad smile
Commenting on every step and style

Tons of crushes, hiding of secrets
Studying till late nights
Those days were the best
When life only meant- rest

When only thing broken were pens
When throwing PJs was a fun
When goodbyes meant only till tomorrow
Memories of those days is part of sorrow

I wish to go back to that time
When falling tears also meant “I am fine”
Sometimes I sniff while I remember those days
When life was a beauty in every way…

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Hey, Hi
Well first of all, let me congratulate you for being featured as the guest poetess...
Coming to your post here, well true, those days are and will always be the best times of any persons life. The time we spend become memories to smile and cry about, for the rest of our life...
One thing i would say is, Deepika, you have an excellent vocabulary, just give some attention to the composition...

The Silhouette...


Hey it is beautiful, looks straight from heart!!
I am amazed how simply and efficiently you traced emotions on paper

I would love to read more of you..


Hey I loved this one !!
yeah at times you wish to go back in time ..
lovely !


honest n nostalgic post........ loved it.


congratulations on the poem being selected

This one is beautoful.. and This is my personal experience FRIENDSHIP is a very beautiful relation.. and i hold it at a very high pedestial , i always talk about it like that ..

I ma very veyr close to my friends

Loved this poem standing with hands up till the teacher had mercy oh man i have been in that situation a lot many times

Those beautiful sitting sessions with bottle of booze or just thumsup or even Milk
those party times
those timess sneaking through the window to go and eat paranthas in middle of then night

Loved this poem and to me this was the best one simply cause friendship is beautiful and you have written such a beautiful poem on it

Well done



and i forgot i got a similar tee with handprints :)



Congratulations on being selected as guest poet. This one so truly brings out how we had such fun those days with friends and miss it so much now. Memories are happy and sad both but how we wish we could put the clock back to be there again. It is a pleasure reading you.

Take care


Hey, Hi
i have sent you an email, i hope you get it. If not, just just let me know. My email id is cyclone.phyan@gmail.com

The Silhouette...


Congrats on being the Guest Poet! You have a way with words, and I think I have told you that before! :)


Beautiful Poetry..
Friendship is something to be cherished..
I too miss my hostel days wid my friends..



Congratulations Deeps!

Your poems are a treat to read. You write passionately and it shows.

This poem about friendship and the good old school days, is simply beautiful. Especially loved the line..

I wish to go back to that time
When falling tears also meant “I am fine”

Truely those are life's everlasting moments.

Beautiful poem!



beautiful message....

welcome link poems to potluck poetry today...


signed in to follow your blog.
Happy Tuesday.
love the color or delightful mood your blog sets one in.
keep it up.


very verrrry nice...!!!! makes one really nostalgic....


Makes me nostalgic <3 Lovely.
You've a very soothing affect to your blog. Love it. :)


SO short are the words..but so deep and true in its meaning..

wonderful way of paying them a tribute.. :)


sheer nostalgia hurting the core, ur frnds must b thnkful fr dis post..impressv


Lucky friends you have to have you, beautifully dedicated! :)

And, congrats on your post being selected


most bful part of life is friends.. if they are best.. life is heaven.


@all- thank you for who praised.. bigger thanks for who criticize.. believe me i really appreciate it :)

@the silhouette- we have discussed about the points.

@bikram- :)

@deeds- love u :D

@JP- thanku so much.

@komal- :)


that is awesome.very very nice it magnificent


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