Words do matter.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter~ martin luther king
Words heal..
Words reassure..
Words express...

Maybe... The Solitary Truth.

A/N- 1- As many of people have been asking me if the previous stories have been my real story then it’s to confirm that-NO, they aren’t! They are pure fiction except few references.
Life isn't a fairytale to be so magical and free of all problems. And for this following one, well, this is a real story, purely based on real incidents and characters.


Friary, 8 may, 2009                   

“You’re trembling” Vandana held my hand as I reached to apply mascara on her eye-lashes.

“I know” duh! Like I won’t know that I am trembling.

“That you are. I am asking why?”

“Uh… maybe I am bit tensed about tonight.” I answered lost. Point to be noted- when you have something up your nerve you ought to get irritated easily than ever before, even on some meager questions like this! “Vandana! It’s your marriage in case you have forgotten!” I yelled out of frustration. God! How am I going to keep my calm tonight?

“Yes! I remember. That’s what I am asking. It’s MY marriage. Why are you this nervous? See you have even started sweating!” she said touching my temples. I was indeed sweating, even in air conditioned room.

“Uh... Umm... I know it’s your marriage but … hey! I am maid of honor. Don’t I have enough rights to get nervous?”  Second point to be noted- in nervousness, you sometime don’t even make sense!
She looked at me with the look that of Sherlock Holmes. Mind you, she seemed too chilled out to be called the bride tonight. Aren’t brides meant to get clumsy, excited on their wedding? Well, she is a weirdo then!

“It’s about Mayank right?” she popped up. Didn’t I just say something like Sherlock Holmes? Even better, she works without the 3x zoom magnifying glass!

I met her eyes for micro-seconds before I got back to mascara application. “No” Look somewhere else. Look somewhere else. She is expert in reading eyes! “It isn’t” god! What do I do? HELP!

She silently nodded and turned towards the mirror again. “He is coming on wedding tonight”

No he isn’t! He has his major exams going on. How I wish it was true. He isn’t coming. Sob Sob! All these 4 months since this wedding was announced; I was waiting like a love sick puppy to meet him after 5 months and 10 days- 192 days exact since 29 October, 2008. This is could have been our 3rd official meeting, but I guess the power above those clouds isn’t willing yet to end my wait. Why me? Why me?

“I heard his mom mentioning this to yours. She was saying that today is his last major and he’ll reach the venue during reception.”  She said while maneuvering her dangler earrings through the tiny hole in her earlobes. Ok! That’s it.

“You must have heard it wrong! He isn’t coming! Ok? HE IS NOT!” I yelled again. “After all the things I did preparing for this day of your marriage wishing that maybe… maybe I’ll get to see him again after 6 dreading months, all I get to know is that NO! He has his majors going on and so is unable to grace this marriage with his holy presence.” Huh! I didn’t want to yell on her today, but she really tests my patience sometime. Why does she always have to poke on my paining nerve?

She looked at me unperturbed as if I just yelled on walls not her. “Are you done with your rambling?” She flashed her usual smirk. Suspicion alert! I narrowed my eyes on her. There’s definitely something up her sleeve!

“Is there something that I SHOULD know but don’t?”

“A lot more than you can imagine” with this she got up and went into the washroom attached to the vanity room of the bride.

Hallelujah! Hadn’t she been my sister she might have died on her wedding day, right here, right now!

I cursed her. I cursed my fate. I cursed every single thing that right now was raising my irritation; from my 100 yards spread black gown to my 3 inches heels, from the dull brown curtains to the closed door of washroom where Vandana had locked herself from past… 1 minute. What did she meant? What do I don’t know?


Someone’s at the door of bride’s room, but I am not going to answer. I have much many important things to think right now!

“NUPUR!”  Ahh… my ever annoying brother Gaurav! “OPEN THE DOOR”

Stomping my 3 inched heels with every step I reached the door. “WHAT?” he raised his brows giving the same expression that of Vandana which further implies that of Sherlock Holmes… mind you, again without that 3x zoom magnifying glass! Genetic disorder!

“I have got news… but your face tells another story. What happened?” sometimes he is just so caring. Maybe that’s the reason I had told him everything about Mayank, though there’s nothing much to it.

“Nothing. Had some usual argument with Vandana”

“Oh! Ok” he nodded knowingly, it was so usual of me to get in argument with Vandana, regards to her ever irritating behavior. “Well, I came to tell you something…” he surely has no idea what I want to hear at the moment. No, wait, he DOES have idea but obviously no one can do anything to make me feel better other than the person himself! “Uh! Umm… he is outside” he said slowly, his eyes flashed calculation and mischief.

“Who ‘he’?” Of course it won’t be the one I want him to be. Alas!

“The one for whom you have coaxed me several times into making a fool of myself calling him or texting him uselessly” he smirked, just the way Vandana did. Family copyrighted trait I guess.

“You are kidding right? He couldn’t be here. I told you I had texted him in noon to wish good luck for exam and he had replied with a thank you too, and FYI just in case you forgot he lives 5 hours far and that implies he CAN’T come tonight. Why can’t both of you get the fact straight in one go?”

“Stop chanting the same monologue again and go outside and confirm yourself!” this came from Vandana, who somewhere between my and Gaurav's chat, had finally came out of washroom.

“How come you are so sure about it? Wait… did any of you talked to him out of my knowledge?” they both looked at each other and shared a Hi5. The suspicion hormone started secretion at the rate directly proportional to the mischief on their faces increased. Pushing Gaurav aside I moved out of the vanity room. Picking up the flares of my so fluffy gown I marched towards the royal lawn where ceremony was to take place. Actually it wasn’t just a vanity room but a whole cottage kind of structure where we had a little alley connecting lawn to the cottage. The entry of the lawn was visible from the alley itself and the whole lawn becomes visible by walking few steps more.

I was in the alley only when Gaurav came from behind and fell in steps with me.

“If it came out as a joke I swear I’ll kill you right… OMG!”  Standing at a distance of 15 feet in front of me in the pitch black shirt and trousers stood the Greek-god himself. I froze in my steps. This can’t be true! He wasn’t coming. How can… he couldn’t!

He had his back towards me as he talked to Samrat and Arpit. Its must have been eternity that I kept staring at his back until Gaurav pushed me behind a pillar. I almost stumbled down with the force applied by him; for the records the force gave some torque to the center of mass of my body cause pillar just saved me from toppling down like a chopped tree.

“What the hell!!!”

“I am not asking you to stop throwing these longing stares at his back. For god sake! He is still unaware of the feelings you have developed for him!”  I lowered my eyes embarrassed. He is right. Mayank doesn’t even have a clue that someone is pinning for him so badly. “Samrat noticed you standing there and staring at Mayank like that so… You may continue from here now” he winked and left from there leaving me alone behind that pillar. However annoying and irritating Gaurav maybe but he still is the best brother in the world!

I looked back at the place where trio stood, laughing and talking animatedly with his hands moving in air as he spoke was intriguing the most. Many of our knowns said he doesn’t talks much; he’s quiet and reserved, maybe shy too. But the last meeting at his home, 6 months back had clarified many of those rumors.

Standing behind pillar and spying might sound stupid but that was one moment I never can forget. 6 long months come in account to reach that single moment. I wouldn’t even mind if somehow god decides to freeze the world at the moment. This way the smile on his face will stay forever and so will he stay in my sight.

‘I don’t need a constant reassurance for you to be mine,
I don’t need another life of little more time,
All I need is you to stay at a distance…
For I can see you, admire you, making memories of the stance…’

“Love the one who’ll love you” Gaurav muttered under his breath.  The return of the devil-part II.

“And who asked for the ‘unwanted’ expert advice?”

“Miss. I-love-him-unconditionally, Vandana is calling you inside… Else I wouldn’t have bothered disturbing your private moment” he chuckled while rolling eyes at me-typical sarcastic Gaurav Vasudeva.

“I saw that” pushing him aside yet again and picking up those damned heavy flares… whoof! Yet again, I dragged myself inside.

“Are you ready?” I asked barging inside the room. Instead of an anxious and hyperventilating bride, Vandana was lying leisurely on the sofa sipping her orange juice.

“So you met him finally?” she raised her eye brows popping a French fries stick inside her mouth, I answered by shaking my head. ‘Please let me go outside and resume my admiring session?’ “Whom am I kidding with? You came back on your own feet is itself a conquest after having seen your his–royal-highness!” yeah! Yeah! I agree.

“Get ready guys. You have to be out in 15 minutes. It’s time for the arrival of the bride” Shilpa aunty announced rushing into the vanity room. “Oh god! Look at your posture! Get up right now” I giggled while Vandana cursed under her breath before getting up and arranging her wedding gown. I helped her giving the final touches to her make up and pinning some wild layers of the gown. Must say, she looked like a princess in this pearl shade gown, on the most beautiful day of one’s life. The happiness only increased with addition of the fact that she was marrying Sachin jeej, the love of her life, after 3 years of courtship. I was happy for her; at least she could get to spend her life with her love… at least!

After breathing deeply thrice, I stepped out with bouquet of flowers in my hand after Vandana. GOD! Why do I have to be in the lime light tonight? Couldn’t this be someday else…

From the moment we stepped in alley to the hour long ceremony including the marriage registrar's signing formality I had to accompany Vandana being the maid of honor. Whole the time only thing that was crossing my mind was- HIM!

What if he recognized me? What if he is just around the main stage and will pop up any second in my sight? How will I save my heart from the 'potential' heart attack? God!! Is there still someone above out there? I seriously need a 'divine intervention' right now!

Somehow I DID survive the ceremony and now I was free as the bride and groom were seated for reception. I started towards the vanity room, trying to sneak out of the nervous atmosphere only to be stopped by Shilpa aunty. My dearest fate!

"Hey! Where are you heading to? Come here and help me in entertaining guests. Come!" she held my arm and dragged me towards the crowd again. Divine intervention please!

She took me to a group of 5-6 ladies which included my mom, Vandana’s mom and Mayank’s mom too. 
I could see that I was standing there for mere sake of presence; neither was I needed nor I wanted to be. I moved some steps back trying to test my chance to sneak away again without getting noticed. And I almost succeeded too until I turned around only to bang into someone. A specifically head-on collision where addition of initial momentum of bodies is equal to the final momentum of the combined mass. Chuck it! The point of question was whom I banged in?

Here comes the much awaited ‘divine intervention’. It's HIM!
I stared right in his eyes still not able to comprehend the turn of events. One moment I am relieved that I won't have to face him and next moment I am standing here staring into his eyes, 'Staring' being the keyword.

"Sorry-" he said before bending down. What was he doing? Maybe a new style of saying sorry by touching the goddess earth! Reference to the second point- in nervousness- we don't make sense! And right now I had all the rights to be dead clumsy.

He stood back picking up his phone from the floor which must have fell down when we both collided. Point to be noted- this WASN'T typical collision that of bollywood movies where heroine is about to fall after the collision and hero just saves her by holding her waist using all his super human reflexes.

"Oh! Did you guys meet yet? I was going to ask you to talk to her and give her some tips regarding the competition exam you cleared last year" My mom exclaimed from somewhere behind me. Yupp sure! I need those 'tips' more badly than the wish to get away from here right now.

"Hi. How are you?" he asked. I smiled genuinely for the first time since the ceremony began; after all not only he recognized me but he just spoke to me too! ^_^

 "I am fine. How was your exam?"

He sighed "let’s just say I am happy that they ended finally…" I smiled at that, not on the fact that we were finally face to face but that I am yet not feeling any blockage in my breathing system or any blood vessels, which implies- No heart attack yet!

The conversation that started near the ladies crowd ended up on a huge round table with two of us sitting adjacent to each other, leaving space for two baby elephants between our seats.
The conversation went on to my coaching’s to his collage, from my books to his professors, from me loving dance and him hating the idea of behaving like monkeys, from me trembling yet again and him asking why, from me showing the best of my clumsiness attacks and him being the calmest soul on earth.

Just to be brief, the conversation might have been filler if there had been someone else on his place but only the mere presence of his name in a sentence makes my heart jump out of my body. A simple ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ from him makes my day worth mentioning in my diary of memorable days. That’s his effect on me. 

After that SHORT talk, I was called for some to-hell-with maid of honor duties. And when I was finally allowed to go, all I came to see was him and his family waving goodbyes to Vandana's parents at the exit and before I knew they were no where to be seen.

This is how a much-awaited-day of my life, which still qualified to be noted in my diary, ended; which as usual left me wanting for more of his sight.

 ‘I choose to love you in Silence…
For in silence I receive no rejection

I choose to love you in Loneliness…
For in loneliness no one owns you but I.

I choose to love you from a Distance…
For distance will shield us from pain.

I chose to imprison you in my thoughts…
cause in my thoughts, freedom is for me to decide.

I choose to hold you in my Dreams…
For in my dreams, you have no end.

That is what you are to me.
In all honesty, I find it hard to believe, 

that I will ever love somebody, 
the same way I loved you.’

DISCLAIMER- I take no credit for the lines in purple… they are not my creation. No offence intended to the original writer.
A/N- 2- As I had said in the start, this is a real story, thus for a change – NOT a fairytale. Story after this is insignificant till now, as the characters never had a confession or confrontation on the issue. I’ll definitely write the next part when something, if ever, happens in future to the real characters.

43 Opinions:

I must say one thing, that just say the truth. About your true feelings and about the stupidity you did... C'mon you are humane, and this happens. Its understood! And you know something, I could relate to this so very well... Those lines in purple are like straight from my heart. Deepika, I wish you the best.... Go with the truth, and gather courage to tell what you feel. Later there'e no point in regretting.

Nice post! I want more of this. Real life is more interesting than fairy tales :)


Life indeed is no fairytale, girl.

All i can say here in this space is it'll be fine, hopefully.

And by the way, its so good to read anything by you after so long:)



Deepika...firstly very well written!!Liked the science touch u gave the story.
Well..and abt what u did..was right that time I feel..as u didnt have the courage abt how everything will turn out to be...u should have told the right thing then..but u never got a chance or right moment..or maybe u werent actually prepared...and well I consider past is past..we dont have a time turner right?
So u can ask him to forget everything as sunset and start the journey afresh and committ ur fault..afterall all make mistakes ..no one is perfect..and to accept ur fault is the main thing..speaking your heart out to him..dont worry abt his answer..and be prepared for it.
But at least u wont live with the burden that u did wrong and didnt tell...
Love ya loads deepu..Bestie!!would like to read more.


brilliantly written,first time iam reading your blog..........You better start writing novels,very good with your words but one suggestion

Never use real names for a real story................the world is indeed small


I cannot answer your question, I believe that you did what you thought was correct.
That said, make sure that the one to whom it is intended to, reads this. Let him decide.

And a suggestion, though am bad at it myself... Split it in parts rather than all in one post. I would have run away had I not started reading it.


Blasphemous Aesthete


Beautiful emotional touchy os.It was more interesting wen i read tht its a real life story


Beautifully written touched my soul as I said before..you write beautifully and capture the readers interest !

This time I'm on Nupur side....I mean I can't comment on this topic !
It's entirely not Nupur's fault also...she also loved him like crazy and maybe that's the very reason she took support of lies...she din have courage to speak up with the fear of rejection always looming..I'm not sayin she is rite but then somewhere she ain't wrong also.

But then maybe even Mayank is right...If I were in her place I would not be able to take it so very sportingly coz I wud have loved mayank, so I'll go away from him and not trouble him anymore due to my lies...

This is very true line which you've said dear, life is not a fairy tale !

I loved the lines in purple !
Very touching !


@tanvi- umm.. this ain't my story.. but yea.. a real one for sure.
i too agree with u. no relation should start on the basis of a lie.

@devils- hope so. but nothing can be fine until the truth is out. ain't it?... till then we can just pray.

@honey- thank youuuuu honey. u really know how to boost me up. i do agree with the fact that the girl wasn't prepared then. anyways, thanks again. love u loads.

@Anonymous- thanks.now i know. still thanks for everything.

@Blasphemous Aesthete- well, being a reader myself, i like to read all in one go so posted that way only, still whoever wants can bookmark page and come next time read more.... thanks for advice though.

@aditya neelambaran- thanks.

@Fatima-thanku fatima.. it means a lot.


m sorry i m sooooo late here. ok coming to story. it was good.
one thing i dnt get is.. she lied coz she was afraid of rejection or was she not sure of herself?

ok, whatever it is... i'll defo ask u to call that guy whoever he is and tell him to read this. noone other than him has the right to judje the gal. atleast he wud know that she regrets... else all is his decision- to forgive or abandon her feelings


Hugs for you deeps

you know the entire real story was beautiful and sad
i feel sad for her
not because she loves and he doesn't but the one doesn't
really not aware that he is losing someone very precious

and until he doesn't come to know i say he lost or found
i just want him to found her
give her one chance on the basis of existing relationship,
so she deserves atleast one chance

Lie not good but as they say "every thing is fair in love and war"
but in practical ,i really don't agree
and as long as she didnt hurt him though lied
he should listen her

"I regret taking up fakeness instead of honesty.
I regret being so rash and childish.
I regret every thing I did which today is being a hindrance in my own life.
All I wish is that he would forgive me for all the lies I said, I can't afford to lose the pre-existing relation due a mistake like this.
I surrender for every lie I said and every mistake I did."
above lines made me to think and feel the pain what she is going through ,though she was childish the intention was always pure and thats what i feel she is not wrong though she lied ,not all are perfect we all do mistakes and she did something to know whom she loved,i just want her to let him know her feelings whenever time permits her.
Confess and ask forgiveness for fakeness.
And she should not take any decision for the future because life goes on and time heals wound
it reduces with time i just want to read another part of this ,with the happiness on her face
Amazing job done !!!!!!!!!!!!
Tc & Luv,


Hey I would suggest you to tell the truth..
Life is too small and too complicated,don't make it more complicated..
Wishing all the best..
Waiting for the next part with the hope that the ending will be the same way in fairytales
*And they lived happy ever after*


..i loved dos lines in purple..dey just blew me away...
..i choose to love u in silence..fr in silence i recieve no rejection...
..i choose to luv u frm distance...fr distance ll shield me frm pain...
..it was amazing...


Hey, came across your blog through blogaton. Lovely lines. My two pence here, If the above story is true, do tell him the truth and tell him your feelings. It is always worth it to let someone know how you feel about them. :)


Awww..I wish you had a written a fictional part of happy ending..but Deepika..that was really beautiful..trust me everything seemed magical..Gosh! I can imagine Mayank looking so HOT! I wonder how the real guy would be there..:P

Well..I would say she feels guilty coz..she couldnt confess her self..and doing this way..under a fake impression would be wrong..but..well dunno..

Loved it..thanks for the PM



Ah! I finally see my bud writing, eh? Nice. Really nice.

I m sorry i am late. I m just too fu... I m sure you understand what. But anyway, i am here with my blue!

So, err, anyway.

I think i might have told you what i feel about this whole thing. But I dont want the person in question to be influenced by anybody. Neither me nor anybody. I guess getting influenced n facing consequences, Nupur knows it better than anyone else.

I guess, i was a bit harsh that day. Now that i think, its getting to me and i feel about this Nupur.

There's only one question that i am itching to ask right now. "Why do girls fall in these guy problems?" ;))

Okay, sorry, pathetic joke. Cant keep the tense environment for long.

Anyway bud, what Nupur did was right or wrong is NOT the question. Theres no right and wrong in life. Theres a balance. And unless nupur imagines and wants to be some tulsi n parvati then i guess she was wrong.

But i am not some tulsi or parvati. So, i dont think nupur was wrong. She was just insane. ;)) And i know why. She's been around some resl good company for a long time now!

Okay, i promise no more jokes.

What do i say otherwise. I am as confused as she is. And i cant even begin to imagine how it'd be if i were at nupur's place. It wouldve hurt, i understand.

SAdly enough, there's no magic existing tht can reverse time. But yes, time heals too.

I just think nupur should go through the three guidelines, pros and cons. And then make some decision thats a mixture of some heart and brain. Really. But the decision should be hers. Solely.

Plus, there's nothing in the world thats ideal. So, either she turns into some really bold girl or she grieves. Depends on time and space, too.

Okay i know i havent made quite sense, but yes, READ BETWEEN THE LINES!

ANd yes, that was written really well. I told ya so. :)

And erm yes, its good to know my phy obsession's finally rubbing off to you too! ;))

LoVE YA bud! *hugs*



Hi Deepika,
Good to see you back after a long time. I think what Nupur's character feels in the story is what most of the gilrs face at some point or the other in thier lifetime.

I can probably relate to her because I too know of people facing the same dilemma. If Nupur concealed her identity from Mayank, then I think it is because she's desperately in love with him and the fact that she is worried about this act of hers shows the purity of her love.

I wish the characters in real life confess to each other becasue I feel the girl is way too much in love with the guy. Do write more OS'.


This time I'm on Nupur side....I mean I can't comment on this topic !
It's entirely not nupur's fault also...she also loved him like crazy and maybe uske wajah se usne jhoot ka sahara liya........lekin uski bhi galti nahi hai na......

lekin mayank bhi shayad sahi hai.....mein nupur ki jagha hoti toh.....toh bahot dukh hota......
kyun ki i wud have loved mayank na.......so i'll go away from him and not trouble him anymore...due to my lies.........

yeah sach hai...life is not a fairy tale !

I loved the lines in purple....i'm gonna save it :)


Deeps... It was nice reading your OS after a veryyyyyyyyyyyy longgg time ... Nicely written...

About the question, creating a fake account and letting someone know about her emotions is wrong.. It wouldn't be wrong if she had sent an anonymous letter or message to him, letting him know about her feelings for him.. but Fake account.. I am really not in for this.. somehow, I feel and believe that a relationship should always start with truth and honesty.. you may hide your identity for a while and then reveal it, that's fine.. but faking.. is wrong.

Now update the second part soon...


This was an amazing os. And I absolutely loved it. Did this happen to to a friend of yours...or you? ;) Honestly, I think the lie isn't that big and people always say "Be honest in relationships", but that's not always true. So whatever you think is right, that's what you should do.


Oh..Got it... The OS was nice Deepika.. But I would like to see the second part too - even if its just out of imagination...

Coming to your question - I never support any kind of cheating.. In fact to the level of irritating others, I know. But can't help- mein aise hi hoon...

But here - the question is about expressing one's feelings... I cannot blame that girl - But again it entirely depends on the person at the receiving end.. I mean its upto Mayank that how he wants to take that kind of behaviour towards him.. If he takes it lightly , the action was not wrong. If he is hurt, yes- ofcourse it was wrong. Do not think I am giving the diplomatic answer - but this is what I feel

Nivi Di


Deepika...Debz here............. *HUG*HUG*

Hope u remember me............. :D

Now-Girl-this is AMAZING,mind-blowing,awesome....!!!

life is seriously NOT a fairy-tale,n u tend to resort to the wrong ways at times when u desperately want something-more so,when that something happens to be LOVE. *blush* IDK-but somewhere my full sympathies with Nupur,k.. shouldn't call it my sympathy-my support-dunno why but i m with this girl here,n i completely identify her with me.i've myself taken a few hasty decisions-n the consequences..well.she truly love s that guy.,well,i know Mayank has been wronged by it,she shouldn't have don e those fake account n stuffs-but u see-SHE'S IN LOVE!! i don't know what i wud have done ,maybe d same thing-resorting to not-so- right ways.He shud hear her out and then..can't they get back??!!!plss....

and about the real persons-i sincerely hope the guy agrees n they get together-i can feel the girl's pinning for him(yes,i mean it) She loves him beyond evrything,otherwise she wouldn't have done something like this.

P.S-i m gonna read ur last 2 OS..before-"it happened ..." :)
and u write brilliantly-i have told u once earlier-n everything, every single word touches my heart.i guess u have watched this from close quarters maybe,hence the beauty n the emotions come out even better...


Deepika it is the first time i am reading something you have written and i must say you write brilliantly :D :D :D

Loved the OS and would love to read a sequel...but as you said it is a true story and it will go on if anything really does happen between the two characters in real life :D :D

One-sided love..lols...interesting concept....okay ignore this....
let me get to your question...the fact that she used a fake id to get to know his feelings...i really cant judge whether it is really completely right or wrong...coz i see it this way...maybe she should have used her right id and gotten in touch with him...maybe he also likes her but is unsure of her feelings for him...she could have given it a try...everyone fears rejection but that should not stop someone from trying right?? :D :D

On the other hand....well love makes someone do a lot of silly and stupid things that may seem weird and wrong later....but well it is love to be blamed for making the person think senselessly (if there is such a thing)..lols...but yeah, sometimes love makes us do things that we may regret doing or that we may feel we should not have done...but then there is always a chance to correct that mistake and go about things the right way.... :D :D

Just my opinion.

Otherwise, a beautiful piece of writing :D

Amy :D


hey deepika..sorry for commenting late. its been long since u wrote something & i m very ghappy to c u back here.......i loved the OS.it was realistic & it was very wellwritten. & as far as whether nupur did right or wrong....i think whoever's story it is tell her to reveal the truth before it is too late..life doesn't always wait for u....just let the guy know abt what she feels .without fearing abt getting rejected..so that later she don;t hv to live with regret that if she just could be bold enough to take the first step may be things could hv been different.that regret of life time will be far more painful than getting rejected by the guy trust me!!!!!!!!

Write more deepika .u write really well........


Hey sweetie...i think that faking identity and lying is absolutely justified...wen u dnt knw does he feel the same way abt u the wat u feel abt him...teri himmant nahi hoti saamne se puchne ki fearing to lose him forever..its okay to do so...u dnt intent to hurt his feelings...u just dnt want to get hurt...its okay to do so..i beleive...if he recriportaes u can confess someday that yaa it was u...and if things dont happen as planned u can say sorry and try to move on....
its just my POV......


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